Veda Hallowes

veda-hallowesHallowes’s practice reflects on beauty, growth, and greater understanding of life’s mysteries as the bedrock of her work. She expects viewers to take from it whatever they like, either to smile and move on, or to relate to the profound ‘other meanings’, which are explicit or implicit in the work; to engage the imagination and become co-creator, delighting in the impossible and fantastical.

The Fruit Series

In her own words "I used to make figurative work, but by the late 90's decided that I no longer wished to express myself in this way. I therefore embarked on a series of fruits which expressed the essence of the female figure whilst actually only alluding to it. This gave me ample scope to explore various fruits and extract their essence of fertility, beauty and originality. I love the taut smooth surfaces, and try to replicate that in my work. The work is very colour dependent, and took many years of exploration to arrive at these beautiful and unusual surfaces."

Figure & Form Catalogue: Figure & Form Exhibition Catalogue

Advanced Course in Ceramics, from the Artesenal de Miraflores, Lima, Peru, 1975

Diploma of Further Education Fine and Applied Arts (Ceramics) London – Guildhall University 1994

Adult Education – Sculpture 1985–1999

The Royal Academy (Summer Exhibition) – London, 2001

Hicks Gallery – London, 1999 – ongoing

Biscuit Factory – Newcastle, 2002, 2005

ArtParks – Guernsey, 2003 – ongoing

Newby Hall Sculpture Park– Ripon, – 2008, 2009

Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair 2009

Artspace, Henley,- 2006, 2009, 2010

Albany Gallery – Cardiff, 2003, 2006, 2009

Limehouse Gallery – London (solo show) 2009

The Forest Bailiff – London, 2010

Maundy Todd Sculpture Garden – London 2010 – 2013

Borde Hill Sculpture Garden – 2013 

Blackheath Gallery– London, 2011- 2015 

Galleries Pall Mall– London 2016

Affordable Art Fair (AAF)– London, 2000 – ongoing

(Kaleidoscope Arts)

Paragon Gallery– Cheltenham, 2013 – ongoing


Charing Cross Hospital

Collections: London, Peru, Hong Kong, Pakistan 

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