The Sunny Art Children Prize 


Along with The Sunny Art Award 2017, Sunny Art Centre promotes the first edition of Sunny Art Children’s Prize. The competition aims at being one of the most inspiring activities in the art world. Children in disadvantaged areas face many barriers in accessing education and learning materials. The Sunny Art Children’s Prize aims to promote creativity for youths in developing countries, and will enable them to explore their imagination and to develop their own personal views of the world.


This Submission is free of charge, maximum 3 pieces of art works per applicant.
Entry forms must be received by the Sunny Art Centre by 23.59 on 20 June 2017. 

Offline Registration
Please follow the following steps:

1. Download the application form (Click here to download the PDF  OR here to download the .docx) and fill it in with all the required details. 

2. Forward to the followings:
A.  Application form
B.  Photos of artworks (.jpg, PDF and no more than 2MB size for each picture)
C. CV (no more than two A4 pages)
D.  Confirmation of submission fee

International Volunteer Teaching Programme


Education has the power to transform the future and is crucial in promoting positive development in the strategies at all levels and sectors. Throughout history, the arts have played an important role in society. Their positive impact made clear the importance of arts education in stimulating critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. Art education is perceived to be especially important in providing economic opportunities for individuals, and in helping them obtain skills which can be transferred to many different aspects of work and life. However arts programmes are often overlooked throughout the world, particularly in the communities of developing countries which lack the necessary resources to incorporate the arts into their didactic curriculum and educational planning.

In partnership with global charitable organisations and non-profit associations guided by humanitarian values, Sunny Art Centre promotes an International Volunteer Teaching Programme to support equality and international developments in parts of the world affected by conflicts, environmental disasters, and poverty. We are committed to ensure the opportunity for everyone to live, learn, and work in stability through education. We aim to make quality art education widely available in rural or underdeveloped areas, and to help teachers worldwide not only to understand sustainable development concepts and issues but also to make sure that students in the world’s poorest areas have the chance to fulfil their potential.

Artists who have always wished to take their knowledge abroad in order to help communities, and to offer people of all ages the opportunity to fulfil their artistic dreams, are welcome to join our mission. As an art teacher in a developing country, you will have the opportunity to inspire others and develop your practice in a new environment. The programme is open to all volunteers.

The International Volunteer Teaching Programme is a powerful, spiritual experience, and a unique opportunity to grow and learn both about yourself and about the local community while participating in a project which will have a positive impact on the lives of others. As a volunteering art teacher you will work closely with local communities and be involved with planning and implementing the curricula for your classes. 

The best projects and artworks made by children in these areas will be submitted and exhibited in occasion of the Children Art Prize.

Please email us on  for more information.