Artists Residency Programme

Sunny Art Centre in collaboration with our partners,  the FA Education of Art and Design, The Redtory Art & Design Factory and The Contemporary Chinese Ink Academy, have launched a series of new artist-in-residence programmes. This series of international artist residency programmes will provide artists, curators, and academics with the opportunity to create work while living in both the FA Eduction of Art and Design residency centre and The Redtory Art & Design Factory (Guangzhou, Beijing or Macau). Our aim is to provide a creative space for artists to nurture their projects within a stimulating community, which will encourage their creativity to flow freely.



Located in the Wangjing Soho, Beijing, in the last architectural project designed by Zaha Hadid, Fact of Art Education and Design (FA) aims at propelling an art education guided by the demands of the art and design industry. By providing resources from world-leading art schools and institutions, FA equips its artists-in-residence with the most recent and first rate contemporary training and guidance throughout one of the most professional residency programmes. It is the embodiment of a  rich creative experience and an inexhaustible resource of professional expertise from some of the most established and knowledgable tutors and artists. Its key location also makes FA an appealing international destination for creative people, allowing artists-in-residence the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. FA is a cauldron of people from different cultures aiming at exploring and developing the most inspiring contemporary art practices, situated in an area with one of the best art scenes in the world.









The Contemporary Chinese Ink Academy

The Contemporary Chinese Ink Academy is a world leading educational institute which is affiliated with the China International Research Association of Painting and Calligraphy (member of China’s Ministry of Culture). The institute’s focus on academic research supports the creativity and abilities of artists through innovation by propelling an international research on modern ink practices. The institute provides one of  the most contemporary training buildings, equipping its artists-in-residence's with the best facilities available in order for them to nurture their creative outlets.  

The Contemporary Chinese Ink Academy has always considered its academic abilities a priority in order to preserve a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of Chinese Ink painting. The institute aims at a ‘wide involvement within contemporary practices’ and attempts to galvanise traditions through new ways of performing creative concepts and content. This is achieved by enabling others to evolve, expand and experiment with this traditional media and bring it into a new contemporary setting.  The Academy’s effort in experimenting with ink-painting while simultaneously preserving this traditional art, gives a new spirit and significance to both contemporary and traditional works.





The Redtory Art and Design Factory

Our residency has been developed to bring innovative individuals to engage in socially and environmentally responsible projects to China. Redtory Art and Design Factory is located in three different cities across China - Guangzhou. It has become an integral part of the city’s history and in the spring of 2009 the old and abandoned factory was revitalised to be a creative hub in the city. While supporting the growth of their creative industry with this renovation, the exterior appearance of the factory which has kept its industrial aesthetic, resonates the city’s industrial past. Guangzhou Redtory Art & Design Factory is located at the east side of the central axis through the CBD of Guangzhou, Zhujiang New Town. With beautiful scenery overlooking the north bank of the Pearl River, Redtory faces Pazhou International Exhibition Centre across the lake in the south. In the north is the Tianhe business centre, making it a desirable creative district in the cultural centre of Guangzhou city, bursting with an exciting creative and artistic atmosphere. 

Redtory forms a cultural central axis along with Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Museum, new Guangzhou Library and Guangzhou TV Tower. Following international standards for creative districts, Redtory has nourished comprehensive cultural industries and established itself as the CAD (Central Art District) in Guangzhou’s CBD. Since its establishment, Redtory has attracted internationally renowned galleries, designers, artists, art spaces, media, academic/art organisations, fashion stores, clubs and cafes to open up their offices or shops in the district. As Redtory expands, their reputation continues to spread across China and further abroad. 

Although we are unable to make any formal programme announcements, we welcome artists, academics, and professionals to email us with their interests so that we can keep them up-to-date with our developments. The facilities at the Sunny Art Centre Residency Programme have a number of available, ready-to-use apartments and studio/lofts, offering residents accommodations in two unique locations in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. 

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We enable all participants to connect with the art scene, meet new artists and source local art materials. We provide the necessary support and encouragement to help you get the most out of your stay. All residents are invited to the gallery events, including private dinners after the openings. The residency covers airport pickup, a welcome packet including local maps, guide books, a taxi guide, orientation support, internet hook-up, a local phone, as well as a welcome dinner for you to meet the other residents. In addition, we also keep all our residents up-to-date on gallery openings and other occasions. We will be available for our residents who need support with the concerns or needs that they may have during their stay.


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