Yuta Segawa, born 1988 in Shizuoka (Japan), is a Japanese ceramic artist who specialises in creating elegant micro-pottery that is at once contemporary and traditional. He mastered his craft on an academic journey that took him through many major and well renown ceramic institutions. The exquisite miniatures on display at Sunny Art Centre during this exhibition …

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A Dialogue Through Centuries – Traditional Chinese Watermark Woodcut Prints since AD 868.

Exhibition: 1st – 21st February 2017
Opening Reception: 1st February 2017,  6 – 9pm
Curator: Jin Songmin

The earliest form of printmaking is the woodcut watermark duplicated print. The world’s first existing print is in the Diamond Sutra, made in the 9th year of Xiantong Period of the Tang Dynasty (AD 868), which is now in the British Library, London… Professor Lu Ping from the Central Academy of Fine Arts authorised the repair and copy of the original version…

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