Reflections of Summer

Jewellery & Silverware By Jocelyn Burton Private View: 30th Nov 2017, 6 – 9pm Opening Dates: 30th Nov – 2nd Jan 2017 RSVP: Jocelyn Burton is one of the most important gold/silversmiths of the 20th and 21st centuries and is a significant figure in the history of female artists. She became the first female Freeman …

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Gary Betts – Metamorphosis

Gary Betts is a contemporary British sculptor and a product of London’s provocative East End. During his early years at school, he discovered and cultivated his passion for ceramics and sculpture. His individual anatomical style was instantly recognised and encouraged therefore becoming a hallmark of his art. Today, Gary Betts exhibits internationally and his work …

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José Luis Ceña – Melancolía

José Luis Ceña is an established Spanish fine artist, who has specialised in Visual Arts. His work has been widely appreciated and has become an integral part of various museums and galleries worldwide. He was awarded a grant by The Royal Mint, Madrid, which enabled him to structure his studies of engraving and graphic design. …

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