Traditional Chinese brush painting uses many of the same techniques as Chinese calligraphy.  It is done by applying a brush dipped in black ink or special Chinese coloured paint (similar to those used in Western watercolours) on Xuan paper (more commonly known as rice paper). Xuan paper comes in varying degrees of absorbency, and subtleties in paintings are created by controlling the amount of ink or pigment that is applied to a particular type of Xuan paper. Our Chinese painting classes are held every Tuesday and Friday evening. Each class typically begins with a demonstration of a particular technique of traditional subject matter(such as swallows, bamboo, wild orchids, plum blossoms, pandas, horses, peonies, etc.).  Our students will then produce at least one developed painting of that subject by the end of that class. If you are a newcomer, during your first class our teacher will provide an introduction covering everything you will need to get started.  This will include an explanation of the different materials and a demonstration of how you should hold the brush and how to produce the different basic strokes.  A course of at least four to six classes is recommended for beginners before they start self-practicing. For our regular and more advanced students, we encourage them to provide us with feedback so that we can structure future classes to improve both their skills and their understanding of the concepts and philosophies behind Chinese painting.  Several of our students have begun learning Chinese calligraphy and seal carving in addition to their painting practice.

Chinese Meticulous Painting (Gongbi)


Meticulous painting If you are an individual striving for detailed likenesses, accuracy in lines and colours, and realistic depiction, our Meticulous Chinese Painting class is ideal for you. These classes are for anyone interested in learning this technique, even if you do not have any prior knowledge in Chinese painting or culture. With our Chinese painting masters, who hold various qualifications from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Taipei Municipal University of Education, and China Academy of Art, our course promises a thorough understanding in both the background and technique of this unique way of Chinese painting. Step by step, our students will be able to master their brushstroke, ink laying, outlining, composition, calligraphy, and even seal making for this highly descriptive Chinese Art.







Chinese Ink Wash Painting (Shui-mo) / Chinese Brush Painting


London Chinese ink painting

On the contrary to meticulous painting, if you enjoy a more free style or impressionistic way of expressing yourself, our Ink wash painting (Literati painting) may be for you. With our Chinese painting masters from different parts of Asia, and who have studied at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, Taipei Municipal University of Education in Taiwan, and China Academy of Art, students will be given guidance on how to convey and capture the liveliness, fragrance, and spirit of any object or surrounding space with simple yet skilled brush movement and ink flow. Our masters will display the magic of Chinese ink through its tonality, as well as holding appreciation sessions and discussions on the beauty of this unique, freehand, watercolour tradition originating in East Asia.


Our Chinese painting class is ideally for those who would like to learn traditional and contemporary Chinese painting techniques. The classes are informal and are suitable for students at all levels (including professional artists who would like to try a new technique). Consistent with the philosophies behind Chinese paintings, our aim is to make the classes fun and sociable so that you can unwind after your busy week.