Mixed Media Painting Workshop for Beginners

This workshop is held every first Saturday of the month.

Mixed Media Painting
Consist of a series of two hour session’s covering a wide range of materials and techniques used within contemporary Mixed Media Painting.  In each two hour session students are introduced through Practical demonstrations and visual presentations a greater understanding of contemporary artists work and practice. Students will gain  knowledge of  various art movements and approaches to painting. If you already have some knowledge of traditional painting methods this course will give you confidence  to  branch out and  work with new materials and processes. Works produced can also go towards your portfolio if applying for further study.

Tutor : Caroline List Caroline List is a practicing artist, who has exhibited internationally and in the UK, her work has been collected by a number of private and public collectors. Caroline has worked as a visiting tutor at several eminent art schools such as The Royal Academy, Chelsea School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University. Caroline Currently teaches part time on the short course program, teaching Mixed Media painting at Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design. She currently lives in London and her studio is with Space Studios

How to sign up

Step 1
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Step 2
Your personal account will be provided at your first lesson, to book your first lesson, please email us or call us  on 02086165990 to book your first lesson.

Step 3
Please bring your receipt for your first lesson, otherwise your booking will not be accepted.  If you need art materials, please Click Here to reserve them online and email us for the date and time for collecting the materials at your first lesson.



Techniques and materials explored during the course will include Session 1. You will begin by preparing a support for your work, which could be made from MDF, birch ply, canvas or linen. These surfaces will be developed over the 8 teaching sessions. Students will experiment with different materials exploring Mixed Media methods and materials using acrylics, collage or photo- montage, oil paints and mediums and wax encaustic mediums, high gloss resins . Bare in mind this is a short course two hour session for beginners. An Advanced Mixed Media course can be taken either through the private tuition sessions or by attending an advanced course once the beginners session is completed.

8 sessions:  £224.00 ex. VAT      £240.00      
4 sessions:   £116.00 ex. VAT      £120.00   
1 session:     £30.00 ex. VAT   

How to book
For first time students
: you can buy a package of lessons from the drawing and painting package (Click here to purchase). Once you have completed this process, email us(info@sunnyartcentre.co.uk)and we will book you in for the first session of the mixed media workshop. You will be able to book in for the other sessions via your personal online account.

For current student: You can book in straight away from your online account ( bookeo - special event section ) 

Session 1.
Stretching & priming How important is surface preparation how does surface affect the paint application. Understanding surface preparation, which way and how.

  • Priming boards
  • Stretching canvas & linen
  • Understanding the difference between acrylic and oil primers, canvas sealers and rabbit skin glue.

Session 2.

Understanding the use of acrylics

  • Transparency & opacity with acrylics
  • Acrylic paints and medium
  • Mixing your own pigments
  • How to make acrylics look like oil paint.
  • Low toxicity acrylic paints with a quicker drying time.

Session 3.

Photo transfer process 

  • How to incorporate photos into your painting using mixed media
  • Photo transfer processes on canvas & board, exploring montage and collage with acrylic mediums

Session 4.
How to use oil paint with mediums exploring transparency opacity and glazes   

  • Oil paints & mediums.
  • Looking at transparency  & opacity
  • Drying times, fast and slow drying oil paint

Session 5.

How to create gloss finishes with varnishes and resins 

  • Gloss finishes and varnishes.
  • The use of impasto gels
  • High gloss alkyd resins varnishes gloss finishes

Session 6.

How wax
is used in oil painting.

  • Looking at Wax medium
  • Oil sticks
  • Wax encaustic painting
  • Mixing pigments into wax

Session 7.

Experimental session
This session is only for student who have attended the previous sessions. This sessions gives the student the opportunity to experiment with all the materials covered. Students can explore their own person project

Session 8. 

Tutor feedback session 
This session is only for student who have attended the previous sessions. This sessions gives the student the opportunity to experiment with all the materials covered. Students can explore their own person project followed by end of the course student feedback on works produced Level:. This course is suitable for beginners to Mixed Media  Entry requirements: Students must have a good understanding of spoken English due to the technical nature of the course. Course outcomes The course provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Learn how to prepare a support for your mixed media pieces.
  • Learn how to explore your ideas as you build up materials through layers.
  • Practice a range of contemporary mixed media painting techniques
  • Experiment with specialist materials.
  • Explore the work of other mixed media Artists.
  • A variety of materials are provided for demonstrations and experimentation purposes, or materials can be purchased The Sunny Art Centre