Sunny Art Centre offers corporate art packages including: team building workshops, tailored product branding, creative marketing activities, cultural experience workshops, television program sets, and fine art appreciation tours. Our corporate services range from one time sessions lasting a few hours, to a series of activities spread over multiple weeks. We can host our workshops at our venue or can alternatively provide services at your premises.

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Our art centre has vast collaboration experience with some well-known institutions and enterprises including the BBC, ITV, Selfridges & Co, HSBC, Giorgio Armani, Royal Academy of Arts, PwC, Harrods, and several others.
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We work with leading personalities who came to us with a strong art background and with many years of experienc- es. Moreover, our experts have strong educational back- grounds, coming from world-class institutions including the Royal College of Art, École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Central Saint Martins College of Art, Chelsea College of Art, Gold- smith College of Art and the Florence Academy of Art. Our centre is therefore a crossroad where incredible people from the East and the West come together in order to provide the best services possible for world-leading enterprises and corporations.

Contact us today to see what we can do for your business. Tailor-made packages We offer custom programmes for each project but our services generally include:



Viktor &Rolf Flowerbomb


With social media and advanced strategies in advertising, it can be difficult to attract new audiences with traditional marketing ideas. With our in-house artists and creative team, we can add sophistication to your products and services through our creative edge and ingenuity. Through art, our team will provide advice and solutions on rebranding and developing new concepts for your branch or sub-brands. There are endless possibilities with art, and your corporation will benefit from a whole new level of promotion which will reach audiences on a more personal level. More information >>





Our team has designed innovative one-day or short-term creative workshops which will allow management and general staff to enjoy the benefit of critical thinking and problem solving from an artistic angle. Through observation, interaction, and conceptual discussions, we hope to get participants to see objects and situations from new positions and viewpoints. We guarantee a staff training session that is not only entertaining but also intellectually stimulating and motivational. More information >>




Chinese painting workshop


With our  established Chinese painting and calligraphy Masters, we are able to create a brand new experience for clients' business meetings and promotional events, framed through Chinese and Eastern Asian culture. Following the Chinese calendar, full of festivals and customs, our artists will design an exciting and unique package  bridging the East and West, culturally and in business. More information >>




Victoria and Albert Museum


Our studio and gallery are open for event hiring, which will enable businesses to fully enjoy their specially tai- lored packages. Our team offers on-site services includ- ing art-based workshops, fine art appreciation tours, and internal or public collaborations. This package is suitable for those businesses that need an expansion of the previous packages.

Our team has been fully trained in order to provide cus- tomers with a great variety of exciting and innova- tive projects. We offer a package tailored for customers who wish to celebrate special occasions with creative activities. For example, we offer the opportunity to take part in a London art tour, which can last from one to nine days, that will bring the customer to places where they will fully experience the thriving artistic scenes. We also offer a variety of on-site services including art- based workshops on activities such as painting, draw- ing, mixed media and many more.

These events and workshops can be organised in con- junction with the services offered in the other packag- es. Additionally, this package provides the opportunity to organise private parties and events in our gallery ven- ue, which will be fully immersive creative experiences.  More information >>





Our drawing pack is designed to provide an accessible creative environment suitable for any level and skill. We tailor each workshop in order to engage with a variety of themes and materials. In particular, we can help you to master using materials including char- coal, graphite, pastel, and many more. We can also provide you with a great selection of themes and subjects to choose from, either in our gallery space or en plein air, which can be arranged in specific locations around London. At the same time, you can draw and imitate old and modern masters by choosing to hold your workshop in one of the major art museums that the city has to offer, including the British Museum, the National Gallery and Tate Britain.

  • Choose to draw inside a museum after an old master’s artwork.
  • Draw sculptures and casts in the round either at Sunny Art Centre or in a museum.
  • Practice your drawing skills with still life in studio at Sunny Art Centre.
  • Choose to draw from life with a life drawing workshop with a naked or clothed model.
  • Take part in one of our en plein air drawing workshops in a location in London.

Drawing Workshop - 10 people: £230 + VAT
Drawing Workshop – 20 people: £464 + VAT
Drawing Workshop – 30 people: £610 + VAT

Add refreshments for your group for just £200.
Add a life model for an extra £150
Add 5 drawing material packs for £150 VAT inc. (includes 4 basic graphic pencils with different levels of hardness. 3 charcoal pencils: Soft, Medium and Hard. Drawing rubber plus a putty rubber), one can be shared between two.



Our painting workshops are suitable for anyone who wants to explore their creativity. Whether you are a business, an enterprise or simply a group of friends looking for a creative and fun activity, we have the workshop for you. We organise our painting workshops around different themes and locations. Moreover, we hold regular en plein air sessions or life painting sessions with life models. You can choose to use any medium you want from acrylic and watercolours to oil paint. Our painting workshops are designed to provide an exciting and inspiring experience.

  • Paint in a museum after an old or modern master’s work.
  • Give life and colour to sculptures and casts by painting them with a medium of your choice.
  • Practice your impressionist skills with still life in the studio at Sunny Art Centre.
  • Choose to paint from life with a naked or clothed model.
  • Take part in one of our en plein air drawing workshops in an open air location in London.

Painting Workshop - 10 people: £280 + VAT
Painting Workshop – 20 people: £514 + VAT
Painting Workshop – 30 people: £660 + VAT

Add refreshments for your group for just £200.

Add a life model for an extra £150

Add 5 watercolours material packs for £290 VAT inc. (includes 18 Winsor Newton fine watercolour set (10ml), Palette, 6 sable round brushes with dif- ferent sizes, bucket, sketchbook (30cm x 22cm) and washcloth), one can be shared between two.

Add 5 acrylic material packs for £310 VAT inc. (includes 18 Winsor Newton fine acrylic set (10ml), Palette, 6 sable round brushes with different sizes, bucket, and washcloth), one can be shared between two.

Add 5 oil paint material packs for £545 VAT inc. (includes 18 Winsor New- ton fine watercolour set (10ml), palette, 2 canvas (30cm x 25cm), 6 hog flat brushes with different sizes, 6 palette knifes with different sizes brush cleaner, linseed oil, turpentine, stainless steel oil brushwasher, stainless steel oil container), one can be shared between two.



Along with drawing and painting workshops our expert team also in- cludes established tutors who can provide you with a relaxing yet crea- tive experience. Throughout our Chinese painting workshops we inspire the customer to free the mind through delicate floral patterns, typical of traditional Chinese painting.

- Learn how to paint floral patterns with coloured Chinese ink (choose from a different range of subjects such as swallows, bamboo, wild or- chids, plum blossoms, pandas, horses, peonies, etc.)
- Explore different techniques such as the Gongbi (meticulous painting), Shui-mo (ink wash painting) and many more.

Add refreshments for your group for just £200.

Chinese Painting Workshop - 10 people: £280 + VAT
Chinese Painting Workshop – 20 people: £514 + VAT
Chinese Painting Workshop – 30 people: £660 + VAT

Add 5 Chinese painting packs for £562.50 VAT inc. (3 high quality goat hair brushes: Small, Medium, Large, wooden box, 12 Chinese painting colours (10ml), 5 rice paper (A1), Chinese painting ink (100g), Porcelain brush holder, Porcelain palette bucket, washcloth), one can be shared between two.



Our master calligraphers come from the most renown calligraphy schools. These workshops can provide your group with an exciting and unusual experience. In particular, our calligraphy workshops are tailored for those that would love to take part in a relaxing and meditative activity. In fact, it is widely known that cal- ligraphy workshops are one of the best ways to exploit your creative potential by freeing your mind from life’s problems and stress.

-Learn how to draw and paint Chinese characters
- Relax your mind with one of the most meditative activities

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop - 10 people: £280 + VAT
Chinese Calligraphy Workshop – 20 people: £514 + VAT
Chinese Calligraphy Workshop – 30 people: £660 + VAT

Add refreshments for your group for just £200.

Add 5 Chinese calligraphy packs for £252.50 VAT inc. (1 medium size goat hair brush, 1 medium size weasel hair brush, 5 rice paper ( A1), Chinese painting ink (100g), Chinese calligraphy copy cards, Two water write clothes, bucket, wash- cloth), one can be shared between two.