Terms & Conditions

  We are pleased to welcome you to join us. This is an e-mail to confirm that you have successfully paid for your course: Please note that all lesson bundle have an expiry, starting from the date of this email. For more information, please visit: Lesson Bundle Expiry Date Please also take a few minutes to read the following information about your course:

Have You Enrolled & Registered Online Yet?

• All Students will need to create their own account on our online platform by click on the "My Account"portal top right of the homepage) and on the " Sign up" portal afterwards.

• After signing up, it can take up to 24 hours for your credit to be transferred into your new account. You will receive an email when your credits are successfully transferred. Then you will be able to book your lesson with your own account on our online platform Download your enrolment form by clicking here

What is included at your prepaid credits?

Prepaid credits can be used for beginner art class, Llife drawing/Portrait painting class, Intermedia/Advance art class, Landscape drawing/Painting class, Portfolio Preparation class, Art museums visiting. Class themes include life drawing, portraits, still life, landscapes, Old Masters, cast drawing and plein air painting. Choice of medium including oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolours, charcoal, pencil and pastels.

Have You Booked Your Lesson Yet?

• To book your lesson.
Sign in our online platform

> Click "New Booking"
>Go to section 2 "Date and time"
> Click "Book" to choose your class
> On the next page, go to " Selected Option "
> Select your material (or select "Bring Own Material")
> Click "Next"
> Process checkout

Have You Got Your Material?
• Please note that the classes do not include materials.
• All our suggested materials are highly recommended by course tutors with exceptional quality. For more information you can see what materials are for sale on our website under Shop – Materials • If you have purchased materials on our online art store, please send us your invoice and the time and date of the lesson you will be attending via email in advance and our staff can make it available for collection at lesson. How to top up your lessons  

How to Top Up Your Credit

For registered students who would like to top up for more lessons:
PAY ON THE PHONE: you can call us on  0044+(0)2086165990 to make the payment .
PAY BY CASH: Email us at info@sunnyartcentre.co.uk to book your lesson and pay by cash on your arrival, we will be able to top up your account at the school.
PAY ONLINE: 1, Make payment from this link: http://www.sunnyartcentre.co.uk/introduction/tuition-fee-sign-online/ 2, Email us at info@sunnyartcentre.co.uk to book your lesson. We will be able to top up your account at the school.

Cancelation and Rescheduling
  1. We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for cancellations and rescheduling. We do not accept cancellations or rescheduling after this time, and there are no exceptions. If you cannot make it to your class, you can give it to someone else (friends or family), or the lesson will be charged on your account.
  2. To cancel or reschedule a class, you will need to login to your account via our online platform, where you can amend your booking. We cannot reschedule via phone or email.
  3. Extensions for lessons that expired as they have not been used within the expiry date will not be granted for any reason.
  4. If you have purchased a package of lessons with us but still haven not completed the online enrolment, you are still eligible to request a refund within 3 days, but a 15% administrative fee will be charged. After 3 days, you won't be able to request a refund.
  5. After completing an online enrolment, the lessons will be registered and you will not be able to request a refund.
Refunds and Expiry Dates
  1. Refunds for lessons that expired and were not used within their expiry deadline will not be granted for any reason.
  2. It is your duty and responsibility to ensure that tuitions, deposits and other fees are paid when due.
  3. Vouchers that have not been used within their expiry date will not be extended, replaced or substituted with same-value products.
  4. If you have purchased a package of lessons with us but still haven’t completed the online enrolment, you are still eligible to request a refund within 3 days, but a 15% administrative fee will be charged. After 3 days, you won’t be able to request a refund.
  5. After completing an online enrolment, the lessons will be registered and you will not be able to request a refund.
  6. The tuition fee is non-refundable.
  7. In case of a student withdrawing from one of the courses for any reason, the tuition fee will not be refundable.
  8. All the lessons you purchased must be used before they expire. Your booking will not be accepted once they are expired, and there is no exception.
  9. Students are required to bring their own materials that they would like to use during classes. Alternatively, we have materials available for sale at the studio.
  10. The Student accepts that, if in case of debt to the Centre for any reason, including without limit non-payment of any Fees (in whole or part), the Centre may (at its discretion) take one or more of the following actions: 10.1 Forthwith on notice suspend and/or exclude  the student from the course;
    10.2 Withhold assessment results or awards/certificates;
    10.3 Refuse to register the Student for any applicable award and/or refuse to register the Student for any future Course examination.
    10.4 Undertake appropriate recovery and/or legal action for recovery of such fees and the student will be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by the Centre and/or by a third party acting on behalf of the Centre in such action including without limit:
    10.4.1 The reasonable legal costs and expenses;
    10.4.2 The administration costs and expenses;
    10.4.3 The collection costs incurred by the Centre and/or a third party collection agency.
Other General Policies and Agreements 
  1. By Accepting this agreement, you enter into a legally binding contract, therefore every clause of it must be fully respected.
  2. By signing this agreement, you declare that you currently hold the right to live and study in the UK or that you hold a Visa that will grant you such rights.
  3. By signing this agreement, you declare that you do not hold any criminal record or offence.
  4. We will use reasonable endeavors to carry out any building or maintenance works within the Centre at times likely to minimise disturbance to you but this may not always be possible and we do have the right to carry out any building works.

For customers who purchased art products Refunds and Fees 

  1. Art Materials bought via our online website are not refundable once purchased.
  2. Exchange of Art Materials bought online will be considered for Art Materials of the same value or a price coinciding with the amount of the online purchase will be detracted from more expensive art materials; cashback or partial refunds for exchanges of Art Materials with more economic bundles or materials will not be accepted/considered/processed.
  3. Any Product purchased in the Centre is not refundable.
Health and Safety
1. The art school staff and students should be aware of the hazards of materials used in the classroom and should follow all material manufacturer's instructions for use. These instructions should include the required personal protective equipment along with the guidelines for storage, and the procedures for safe use.
2. Health and safety precautions should be posted and reviewed with students prior to any activity.
3. There will be no asbestos-containing materials, lead based glazes, and benzene in the classroom.
4. All spray painting must be done outdoors or with an approved operational exhaust system ensuring to be away from any flammable materials and sources.
5. Aisles should be kept clear at all times to insure prompt evacuation in the event of an emergency.
6. Keep storage of paper goods to a minimum to reduce the potential events of fire and use, store and the dispose chemicals according to the manufacturers' instructions.
7. Knives and other sharp instruments should be maintained, handled, and stored safely. Allow adequate distance between individuals to prevent accidents while used during workshops and lessons.
8. The use of electrical appliances/tools to heat, mix, spray, burn, etch, etc. should be executed in accordance with the manufacturers' safety instructions. Maintain safe distances between individuals to prevent accidents. 10. All electrical appliances/ tools should be turned off when not in use. If appliances/ tools had been heated during use, allow them to cool down in a safe place before storage.

A: 30 Gray's Inn Rd, London, WC1X 8HR      E: info@sunnyartcentre.co.uk    T: 0044+(0)2086165990