Sunny Art Centre

The Sunny Art Centre is an art institution located on the historically rich Gray’s Inn Road, in the heart of London. The history of this location is particularly important to the identity and standards that the gallery unwaveringly aspires to. The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn dates back to 1370 and was once home to Sir Francis Bacon, in addition to being the home of Shakespeare’s plays. The Centre has an important history of being at the forefront of contemporary art exhibitions, educational programs, and international art competitions.

The Centre has proudly brought together the work of outstanding international artists from all over the world through global exhibitions and cultural events. Its approach to exhibiting art is to provide the public with unique and exceptional work that exemplifies the cultural diversity of the international art scene. The scope of every exhibition is to provide society as a whole with a magnifying lens to examine critical issues that affect the public’s social, political, and economic contexts.

A leader in art education, the Sunny Art Centre has established itself as one of the most distinguished destinations to study art. The set of educational activities and art courses provides thousands of art students with cutting-edge art tuition. The Centre’s approach with educational activities is to galvanise the art student’s approach to art by teaching the finest techniques and skills available today. State-of-the-art facilities and a team of world-leading art educators have contributed to cementing the Centre’s first-class reputation in London. The Centre’s art courses are as art itself should be: open to everyone.

The Sunny Art Centre’s impact on the international art world has been the fruit of years of exceptional international cooperation through the Sunny Art Prize competition. The international art award supports artists by unlocking novel market possibilities worldwide while providing a global and powerful platform for cultural exchanges. Travelling art exhibitions and residency opportunities, also organised on a global scale with the Centre’s partnering art galleries in Beijing and Shanghai, regularly give artists the chance to communicate their ideas to new audiences.

The Centre’s team of international art curators, art teachers, and cultural psychologists has a strong academic background. They honed their valuable skills and were trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Royal Academy of Arts, UAL, and LSE in London, the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and the Florence Academy of Art. The extraordinary efforts of the Sunny Art Centre team ensure that the organisation can continuously deliver cutting-edge global research and services in an effort to contribute to and facilitate society’s engagement with the art world.

Sunny Art Gallery

Sunny Art Centre has established itself as a leader in the international art market, providing reliable and respected expert on the international art market. The Centre's longstanding relationships with experts and institutions on a global scale allow for authoritative advice on contemporary art alongside old masters work and antiquities. The Centre also strives to expand its collection of work by sourcing artworks from outstanding collections.

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The Sunny Art Centre is a leading organiser of contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events. Each exhibition is meant to be a powerful instrument in informing and educating the public about critical and global issues. Some of the finest international artists are invited every year to present work that is both engaged and relevant to audiences worldwide.

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Sunny Art Prize

The Sunny Art Prize is an international art prize hosted by the Sunny Art Centre, London. This fine art competition in the UK is a global platform offering opportunities to artists worldwide to showcase their artworks internationally. The exhibiting galleries are located in cities around the world, including London, Beijing, and Shanghai. The contest also gives art prize winners the opportunity to take part in a one-month artist residency, the Artist Residency Programme. This programme is organised in collaboration with established Chinese art institutions and provides the opportunity to engage with historically and culturally vibrant places in China. 

Since its conception, the Prize has been a powerful instrument to raise awareness of critical issues that affect humankind on a universal level. Its mission is to allow artists to use their creativity to improve society’s understanding of the world and the issues surrounding it by speaking directly to audiences worldwide.

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London Art Courses

The Sunny Art Centre is dedicated to providing superior art education to students and art lovers that wish to improve their practical skills with drawing and painting. The warm and welcoming environment, combined with efficient and productive tuition by leading art tutors, ensures optimal and valuable results. The Centre has a long and established history in providing an exemplary education for both kids and adults in courses that range from drawing and painting to life drawing, one to one, and Chinese painting and calligraphy courses.

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