In 2012, Sunny Art Centre organised several interactive demonstrations and workshops for HSBC's branches across the UK to promote Chinese art and culture. Participants - with the guidance and instruction from our artists - had the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent and creativity. Our programme enabled participants to produce a unique, hand crafted, festive art pieces with their own choice of a blessing in Chinese, written by our calligraphy artists.

In 2013, Freshfield invited Sunny Art Centre to introduce Chinese culture to their staff at their Chinese New Year party. Participants were encouraged to express their enthusiasm for art through the unique the brushwork style used in Chinese calligraphy and painting. Our calligraphy artists then combined the pieces created by attendees with a beautifully written Chinese poem, shedding a new light onto this traditional medium.

In 2015, Sunny Art Centre was asked by Selfridges to design and launch a new shopping experience for their customers during the Chinese New Year. Our Chinese painting artists produced unique and delicate paintings in front of customers with their in-store and online purchases. Selfridges emphasised the importance of the handcrafted art piece, and the relevance of Chinese contemporary art in modern culture. It was a meaningful experience in which Classical Chinese painting was combined with gift-giving.

In 2015, Sunny Art Centre hosted a special team-building workshop for PWC. Through our art programme, participants were given opportunities to understand their fellow colleagues through drawing. Sunny Art Centre did not only provide a relaxing yet artistic environment for individuals to enjoy the pleasure of art, but also presented a new way of understanding people.

In 2015, Giorgio Armani commissioned Sunny Art Centre to launch one of their Chinese inspired products. Chinese style paintings from our artists were selected to be printed on their packaging and complimentary items. Designated showrooms in Selfridges, Harvey Nichol's and Westfield’s displayed the original works painted by our artists. Through this opportunity we hoped to broaden peoples’ appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture outside of mainstream galleries and museums.

In 2015, Viktor & Rolf and Sunny Art Centre collaborated on and launched a project in which our artists hand painted a line of limited edition Viktor & Rolf perfume bottles for Harrods. Each bottle was painted by hand with a variety of unique flowers and blossoms. In the same year, Viktor & Rolf also launched similar collaborations with Sunny Art Centre at Selfridges in Manchester and Westfields in Stratford.

In 2015, Royal Academy of Arts hosted a Chinese ink workshop with Sunny Art Centre. The event took place at the historic Reynolds Room and more than 300 participants experienced the magical possibilities of Chinese ink. Through this workshop, people became familiarised and inspired by this unique art form which they may not have been regularly be exposed to.

In 2013, Sunny Art Centre participated the production of an episode in the series, The Only Way is Essex. The Only Way of Essex is one of ITV’s award-winning semi-reality television programmes. The episode was set at our centre and featured James Argent and James Diags joining our life drawing session for the first time(with the purpose of meeting girls). Although the story was scripted in a humorous manner, our studio space was well represented, with our students’ and artists’ works at the background.

In 2013, Sunny Art Centre and Asia House jointly organised an exhibition aiming to promote emerging Chinese contemporary artists in the UK. Asian House is a non-profit and non-political organisation that engages business, and cultural activities between Asia and the UK. With the expertise from Asia House and our curatorial expertise, the exhibition, Lost in Myths, was a great success in introducing a new and vivid art scene from contemporary Chinese artists.

Sunny Art Centre coordinated the Memories of Tomorrow 2012, with the Museum of East Asian Art. The Museum of East Asian Art offers facilities for the appreciation and study of East and Southeast Asian art and cultures. With the expertise of Sunny Art Centre’s curatorial team, the exhibition provided another exciting platform for Chinese contemporary artists as well expanding the audience for the contemporary Chinese art scene.

We had been invited by Westfield to celebrate the Lunar New Year from 6th – 8th February at both their Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford shopping malls. The workshops included face painting, lion dancing, lantern making, amongst many other festivities. However, our Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration and Chinese Painting workshop became the highlight of the celebration. Our events encouraged everyone from families, visitors of Chinese origin, and locals, to learn and experience this unique style of art from China. These traditional Chinese events aimed to bring everyone luck, prosperity, happiness and good health in the year of Monkey, as well as a brand new cultural journey with the magic of ink and brush.

In 2016, we have been invited by the School of History and Cultures, at the University of Birmingham, to organise a Calligraphy and Chinese painting workshop for their undergraduate students.

BBC Worldwide will be holding a week-long, internal arts festival commencing on the 8th of February which will include special workshops for company members. As this event is coinciding with Chinese New Year we are honoured to be invited to organise a Chinese Calligraphy Art Workshop for them.

Our artist Yinjie Sun created exquisite hand painted floral patterns on the glass of a new collection of perfumes. The products have been displayed on the ground floor at Harrods and the event has been featured by Givenchy's social medias. The intricately handcrafted designs are based on the concept behind the fragrances and their floral notes. Ten different designs for ten different bottles. This Exhibition started 1st October and ran until 20th October 2016.

In 2016, we have collaborated with the London Affordable Art Fair to lead a series of creative art workshops within the event. We set up a pavilion dedicated to the study of still life drawing. In particular, a still life composition made of exotic fruits functioned as the subject for the workshops. The audience of the fair was invited to stimulate their creativity through these workshops and allowed the participants to bring home their own artwork. The active engagement with art and its practical resolutions ensured that the audience left the fair with a sense of fulfilment.

In 2016 we collaborated with the Southbank Centre in order to provide a workshop for one of the leading cultural institutions in London. Moreover, we organised a creative workshop for thirty guests in order to galvanise their creativity and inspire them to bring colour and art into their daily lives. The idea at the base of this project was to let the audience physically engage with art in order to establish a closer dialogue between the institution and its public.

We are the Sharing People are a non-profit organising that promotes the utilisation of wasted and unused resources. Sunny Art Centre teamed up with them to celebrate the beginning of the world wide 'Sharing week' extravaganza on June 5th 2017 at the prestigious Somerset House in Central London. In the spirit of sharing, our artists were invited to create live pieces of art responding to the evening's events unfolding around them using recycled or unused resources. This was an incredibly exciting and successful event that Sunny Art Centre was privileged to be involved in.