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This year the art residency programme devised by the Sunny Art Prize in partnership with Harmony Art Gallery will take place in the historically rich Gao Feng Chan Temple, China. The artists selected (from the original list of artists that exhibited in the Sunny Art Prize 2018 London exhibition) and that will participate in the residency are:

  • Stephen Doyle
  • J. Jie Li
  • David Antonio Loureiro
  • Jeongkeun Lee

About the Temple

According to the ‘Mo Gan Shan Mountain Records’, this temple was built in the first year of Liang Tian Jian during the Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 502). From the Tang Dynasty till the Year of the Sui Dynasty (AD 1274), there was a Zen master from the Lin'an Longxu Mountain who moved into this place, and he renamed the temple as Linji Daochang. In the year of the Southern Song Dynasty's demise (AD 1279), the Miao Zen Master retired to Tianmu and drilled a cave room in the mountain. He named the cave ‘Dead Pass’ and remained there in solitary confinement for 15 years while practising meditation. He is today known as the East Peak Buddha. During the first year of Yuan Zhen (AD 1295), the Miao Zen Master passed away, and the Emperor Yuan Wuzong’s honoured him with a title: ‘The Zen Master of Fo Ri Pu Ming Guangji’. On that day, the Temple was named after the local mountain.


Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle is an emerging visual artist from Cork, Ireland. He is a recent graduate of Crawford College of Art and Design. Doyle’s work references queer identity and queer culture through drawing, painting, and installation. Representing sexual identity and orientation has become the foundation of his practice.

Growing up in Ireland, just after the decriminalisation act and realising the embodiment of a major sub-culture within the visual arts was non-existent. Doyle has only portrayed LGBTQI+ individuals within his work to establish the queer identity within contemporary portraiture. His figurative work thus far has taken him to the UK, Spain and Russia to gain an authenticity to his practice by experiencing the realities that his sitters face daily.


stephen doyle sunny art prize opportunity for artists open call for artists

David Antonio Loureiro

Using historically identifiable figures for his compositions, usually attributed to classical painting, David hopes to stimulate his audience to recognise the subjects of the paintings. Despite their architectural feel, his paintings use a mixture of impasto, transparency, and superimpositions to provide the content with a surprising materiality. The intention is to generate doubts and questions about the events unfolding in the artworks, rather than certainty, in the viewer's mind.

Mothered by algorithms and trapped in an age of extreme mechanisation of the world, David’s paintings also aim to stimulate the idea of a reconciliation with oneself and the human condition. These ‘other’ spaces deploy micro-narratives using experiences from our own human and historical existence. His paintings therefore question people’s relationship with the world and our figures of authority; they question what it is that shaped, shapes, and will shape the human condition.


J. Jie Li

J. Li expresses love, hate, and desire as rooted within the depths of human nature. Such expression is achieved by overlapping figuration and abstraction in her paintings, using the natural changes and disasters that occur in her landscapes as metaphors for human emotions and sensibility.

J. Li primarily works with watercolours. Yet, as visible in artworks from the ‘Echoes of the Silence’ and ‘Fire & Desire’ series, she challenges the conventional views of this medium, which is usually conceived of as delicate, fragile, and gentle. In her paintings, the medium is not so transparent, not so spontaneous in some parts, and not so ‘watercolour’ anymore. The brushstrokes are thick and substantial, almost concealing the nature of the medium.


Jeongkeun Lee

Jeongkeun Lee is a photographer who primarily works with staged landscapes and environments in the form of installations then reproduced and re-contextualises them through the photographic medium. His ‘Despaysement’ and ‘Personal Ritual’ series attract positive feedback for their ability to bridge such staged counter-realities and the real world. He does this by exploiting photography as a tool to conjure parallel worlds impregnated with ritualistic symbolism, using photography as a mediator between spaces, people and objects.



Check the work of the participating artists on the dedicated page with the work of all the shortlisted artists for this edition of the Sunny Art Prize.

Residency Slideshow

Sunny Art Prize - Art Residency Opportunity

The Sunny Art Prize in collaboration with leading Chinese national and international cultural institutions launched a series of new artist residency programmes. For each edition of the Sunny Art Prize, we will provide the winning artists with the opportunity to be part of a residency in culturally dynamic and significant places in China.

The idea of international cultural exchange, as provided by this open call for artists, was envisioned to complement the existing programme of international exhibitions from London to China. While the artworks shortlisted for the Art Prize travel to new exhibiting locations and engage with new audiences, we believe artists should also travel and exchange knowledge about their practice with new communities around the world.

Through direct interaction with Eastern culture, the artist residency aims to provide a profound, positive change to your practice as an artist as well as to you as a person.

Apply for the Sunny Art Prize now and experience the next level of art residencies.


Sunny Art Prize 2019  -  Open Call for Artists

The Sunny Art Prize is an international art prize hosted by Sunny Art Centre, London. This fine art competition in the UK is a global platform offering art opportunities to emerging and established artists to showcase their artworks internationally. The exhibiting galleries are located in cities across the world,  including London, Beijing and Shanghai. The art contest will also give the art prize winners the opportunity to be part of a one-month artist residency. The Artist Residency Programme is organised in collaboration with established Chinese art institutions and it provides the chance to engage with historically and culturally rich places in China. 

The art competition welcomes submissions from all over the world. The diversity of the prize is also reflected by the variety of art practices it represents, from two-dimensional work such as paintings, drawings and photography to three-dimensional sculptures and ceramics, as well as contemporary installations, mixed media artworks, video and digital work. 

Sunny Art Prize 2019 Submissions Deadline: 30th June 2019


The complete catalogue with all the participating artists of the Sunny Art Prize 2018.

Contains photographs of all shortlisted artworks as well as a profile statement for each artist which includes the conceptual framework of their practice and of the artworks exhibited during the 2018 edition of the Prize.

Order now and receive a complimentary tote bag in fine black cotton with gold embossing (bag size 38 x 30cm) from us.

Format: Linen hardback cover (gold embossing)

Dimensions: 21x21cm, 104 pages

Explore the work of a group of international artists aiming to raise awareness of themes encompassing climate change, the current international debate regarding immigration and refugees, our perception of identity (both our own and the identity of the society we live in), the spectacle of news media communications, sexuality, gender, race, and queer culture, among others.

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