Fritz Beinke | Jägerlatein


Fritz Beinke - Jägerlatein

Oil on canvas
Size: 36x27cm
Conditions: Excellent
Signed lower left, labelled and dated: "Fritz Beinke Düsseldorf 1900". On the reverse, there's an old handwritten, partly illegible, artist's label "... Jägerlatein, price ... Fritz Beinke" as well as various references to exhibitions such as "Permanent exhibition of the Kunstverein Heidelberg-Mannheim".

Fritz Beinke (1842-1907) was a German painter. Beinke attended the Academy of Arts in Dusseldorf, where he was trained by Karl Ferdinand Sohn (1805-1867) and Eduard Bendemann (1811-1889), amongst others. This was followed by a number of study trips through Germany and Northern Italy. The genre scenes by Ludwig Knaus (1829-1910) revealed an essential source of inspiration and finally lead to his specification in genre painting. Fritz Beinke was a follower of the Dusseldorf School, and his works are mainly in private collections.

The painting ‘Jagerlatien’ portrays a typical genre scene by Fritz Beinke. The painting depicts the interior of a busy German tavern of figures socialising and drinking alcohol. The focal character is the white-bearded hunter, who looks to have raised from his seat to tell an exciting tale to his engrossed audience.