Unknown | The Falconer


Unknown | The Falconer

Oil on canvas, unsigned and undated
Around 1880
Size: 80x70cm
Conditions: partially craquelure, overall in good condition, framed in a newer frame

The artist of ‘The Falconer’ remains a mystery, but what is evident, the artist is academically trained and masterfully composes a theatrical figurative scene, with an in-depth knowledge of perspective and design.  An artist possibly inspired by literature and perhaps influenced by the compositions of 17th Century Dutch genre paintings.

The painting depicts a falconer, dressed in a bright yellow and blue robe, presenting his falcon wearing a fabulous red hood to a seated aged prince. The prince of the late Renaissance sits next to his loyal dog. In the background, a princely marshal is examining a hunting rifle, while a boy is waiting with wine. This royal scene also displays an assortment of lavish furniture, rugs, a tapestry, and a knight’s armour.