Rupert Merton

"Like story-telling, making things is said to be essential to the human condition. It certainly is for me. The metamorphosis of earth, fire and water into objects of beauty is ancient, primitive and expressive of the fragility of existence. My pots can be seen as either functional or non-functional, art or craft. They are simple sculptural objects, intended for contemplation.

I first learned under Gordon Baldwin, a great potter and teacher. He made monochromatic sculptural pieces - I wanted to make colourful oriental-inspired ceramics. During an apprenticeship at Tingewick Pottery, I learned the art of colour and glaze. I went on to read for an M.A. in History of Art at Cambridge University, which introduced me to broader influences. I remember being struck by the power of repeated imagery on a trip to Paris.

I now use any appropriate technique, throwing, slip-casting and pinching. My wall-pieces occupy a space in my mind between painting and music - they explore rhythm, repetition and colour. The component forms are both different and the same."