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Bao Tao

"From the very beginning, my creations have been about people, paying attention to the young people of today and pondering over the female identity. Recently I have focused more on the rethinking of female identity in the patriarchal society.

Issues between men and women is a common theme for contemporary art. The female has suffered from immense pressure placed on them, and have subsequently been branded as 'others'. In modern society, the freedom and equality of women have been increasingly appreciated but still, the female faces hardships exclusive to her. By using 'others' as the theme, I express my understanding of the female identity in art language. The problems relating to women should frequently be questioned and discussed so that women, as the 'others' in modern society, will have better treatment."



2015 “Fruit of Dream” selected for 21st National Prints Exhibition
2014 nominated by The Muban Educational Trust for 2014 Annual Woodblock Printmaking Awards
2013 “Raw and Astringent Period—the Preliminary Dream” selected for the 11th National Exhibition of Printmaking Work
2012    “Raw and Astringent Period—Peep” selected for the 2nd International Print Exhibition Yunnan
“Raw and Astringent Period—Peep” published on Bohai Morning News on 14 Jan 2012
2011   the series “Raw and Astringent Period” awarded 3rd prize in Graduate exhibition of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
“Raw and Astringent Period — the Preliminary Dream” selected for the 4th National Youth Art Exhibition

2010    appraised as the 3rd of the “Ten Best Young Artists” in Tianjin
“Jump” selected for the 13th National Exlibris and MINI-Prints Biennial
Work awarded “Excellent Prize” in the 1st Painting Exhibition for Young People in Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
“Bus Station” selected in Today Art Student Annual Awards


2015 “Fruit of Dream” collected by Chongqing Art Gallery
2014 “Untitled” collected by The Muban Educational Trust
2011 “Raw and Astringent Period—the Sky under the Melody” collected by Zhejiang Art Museum

September 2007 – July 2011 BA Painting – Printmaking, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
September 2012 – July 2015 MA Painting – Printmaking, Central Academy of Fine Arts


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