Megan Falconer

Fascinated by the idea of creating her own silversmithing tools, Megan uses found objects from her surrounding landscape to craft unique silver vessels. Through the exploration of materials and technical processes, Megan investigates and interprets the natural decay and erosion of the landscape through textural surfaces on metal.

Tools have traditionally been used to create objects, however, Megan uses rocks from areas of natural erosion and the technique of casting to craft a collection of silversmithing tools. These tools are then used to raise, planish and texture silver vessels. Due to the soft metal used to make the hammerhead, the texture alters through the process, therefore achieving completely unique and unexpected surfaces. A connection is then formed between the found object, the tool it makes and the piece that is created.

November 2016                                       Elements Exhibition, Edinburgh

July – August 2016                                   Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition, Edinburgh

July 2016                                                  Undergraduate Awards Judging Panel 2016

March – April 2016                                   Work Experience at Jam Factory Contemporary Crafts, Adelaide

November 2015                                       Undergraduate Awards Global Summit, Dublin

November 2015 – January 2016            ‘Dark Matter’ Exhibition, Kath Libbert Gallery, Yorkshire

September 2015                                      Work featured in ‘Contemporary Craft Magazine’

September 2015                                       Elements Exhibition, Edinburgh

June – July 2015                                       ‘New Designers’, London

May 2015                                                   DJCAD Degree Show, Dundee

November 2016                                       Visual Artists and Craft Makers Award, Creative Aberdeen

September 2016                                      Will it Work Grant, Princes Trust

August 2016                                             Development Award, Princes Trust

November 2015                                       Overall Winner – Visual Art and Design, Undergraduate Awards

August 2015                                             Shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Student Award’, Incorporation of Goldsmiths

June 2015                                                 Shortlisted for ‘New Designer of the Year’, New Designers, London

June 2015                                                 Graduate Membership Award, British Contemporary Silversmiths

May 2015                                                   F&A Bradshaw Award travel bursary, DJCAD

May 2015                                                   Best Dissertation Award, University of Dundee