Miss Aniela

Mixing art and fashion photography, British artist Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz b. 1986) creates a fine balance of contemporary creativity. Her work centres on a fusion of traditional imagery and digitally enhanced motifs, interweaved to create a surreal composition.

Miss Aniela began working in 2006 as a self-portraitist, her ‘Self-Gazing’ series quickly being invited for numerous exhibitions and art fairs in London, Madrid, North & South America. Through ten years Miss Aniela has evolved her passion for surrealism in the collection ‘Surreal Fashion’, where she photographs contemporary models with reference to Renaissance and Dutch masters, shooting in stately home settings across Europe and the USA. Larger-than-life characters dominate a dreamlike tableaux of chandeliers, taxidermy and four-poster beds; motifs for a utopic world of the past that we long to inhabit. Similarly, Miss Aniela’s recent ‘Face’ series, involves intricately and laboriously merging large-scale faces with hundreds of paintings from art history.

Miss Aniela has been exhibited by the Saatchi Gallery, Houses of Parliament, Waldermarsudde Museum Stockholm and Vogue Italia in Milan; and in numerous media outlets including the BBC, Plastik Magazine, Yahoo, The Metro and NY Arts.