Dale Pring MacSweeney


Dale Pring MacSweeney, an exuberant force of nature, was born into an art-loving household in London. Her very early talent for painting was fostered and encouraged, particularly by John Mapp, at the Kingston School of Art, whom she regards as her first mentor. She went on to study at Wimbledon and Waltham Forest and benefited from the tutelage of several distinguished artists.

Having lived her colourful early life to the maximum, a magnificently creative symbiosis began when she married the eminent Irish polymath David MacSweeney in 1980. She established a flourishing career working from several studios in London and showing her paintings in many major galleries and art institutions in London, as well as internationally.

In 1992 she moved to California and spent seven successful and stimulating years experiencing a whole new dimension of light and subject. But the call of her beloved English countryside soon beckoned her back and she’s been living and working happily in East Anglia ever since. The body of over 3 decades of work reflect these major changes in location both in colour, atmosphere and light.

“Her work with its sheer mastery of technique and incredible detail moves beyond the mere display of technical bravado, possessing as it does a certain enigmatic quality, found in all great still life and interiors....”