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John MacAulay

Born in Glasgow, John graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1990 and from The Royal College of Art in 1993, specialising in Printed and Mixed Media Textiles. His working practice includes painting, printmaking and textile design.

His paintings are inspired by observations of urban and domestic life and form a narrative; they are captured moments from actual events mixed with remembered ones, depicting people in ordinary everyday settings. The daily mundane activities we all do or see. The sometimes ambiguous scenes and the titles encourage the viewer to continue their own narrative. This narrative approach has also been extended to his practice as a successful and award-winning textile designer and he is in the process of creating a collection of narrative-based printed textiles for the interiors market.

He has exhibited regularly with London galleries such as Lena Boyle, Modern Artists Gallery, StART Space, Pryory Art, Cadogan Contemporary, Thompson’s and Macgregor Fine Art. He has also been involved in group exhibitions in Glasgow, Oxford, Bristol, Edinburgh Miami and New York. His work is included in The Fleming-Wyfold Foundation Collection, London as well as numerous private collections.

John is also currently employed as a part-time lecturer on the BA Textile Design course at Norwich University of The Arts.

Group Exhibitions

Mar 2016, Lynn Stainers Painters, Mall Galleries, London

Jun 2016 – Ashursts Art Prize, Ashursts, London

Jan 2015 – Hidden In Plain Sight, NUA, Norwich

Sep 2015 – Gemini Art Prize, Menier Gallery, London

Mar 2013 – Macgregor Fine Art, Glasgow, Scotland

May 2013 – Palace Art Fair, Fulham, London

Jul 2013 – London Print Studio, LPS, London

Dec 2013 – London Foodie, Islington, London

Jan 2012 – REPEAT, NUA, Norwich


Aug 2011 – Cork Street Open, 28 Cork Street, London

Aug 2011 – Bite, Mall Galleries, London

Sep 2011 – Brighton Art Fair, Corn Exchange, Brighton

Feb 2010 – Lena Boyle, Ashursts, London

Mar 2010 – Originals, Mall Galleries, London

Mar 2010 – Start Space, Columbia Road, London

Aug 2010 – Cork Street Open, 28 Cork Street, London

Aug 2010  – Thompson’s, Marylebone, London

Jan 2009 –  Modern Artists Gallery, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Jan 2009 – Start Space, Columbia Road, London

Aug 2009 – Cork Street Open, 28 Cork street, London

Oct 2009 -Brighton Art Fair, Corn Exchange, Brighton

Dec 2009 – Start Space, Columbia Road, London

Dec 2009 – Modern Artists Gallery, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Oct 2008 – Modern Artists, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Dec 2008 – Modern Artists Gallery, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Jun 2007 – Lena Boyle, Fulham, London

Jul 2007  – Piers Feetham, Fulham, London

Mar 2007 – Jennifer Gerard, Abingdon, Oxford

Mar 2006 – Thompson’s, Marylebone, London

Feb 2005 – Thompson’s, Marylebone, London

Jun 2005 – Thompson’s, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Dec 2005 – Lena Boyle, Fulham, London

Jan 2004 – Urban Art, Fleming Collection, London

Feb 2004 – Thompson’s, City Gallery, London

Dec 2004 – Thompson’s, City Gallery, London

Jul 2003 – Cadogan Contemporary, Chelsea, London

Jul 2003 – Start Space, Columbia Road, London

Sep 2003 – Thompson’s, City Gallery, London

Dec 2003 – Thompson’s, City Gallery, London

Art Fairs

Oct 2013 – Lena Boyle Fine Art, Affordable Art Fair, London

Jun 2012 – Lena Boyle Fine Art, Olympia Art Fair, London

Mar 2012 – Neville Contemporary, Affordable Art Fair, London

May 2012 – Neville Contemporary, Affordable Art Fair, Bristol.

Jan 2011 – Lena Boyle Fine Art, London Art Fair, London

Jan 2010 – Lena Boyle, London Art Fair, London

Sep 2010 – Brighton Art Fair, Corn Exchange, Brighton

Oct 2010 – Palace Art Fair, Fulham, London

Jan 2008 – Lena Boyle, London Art Fair, London

Mar 2008 – Start Space, Glasgow Art Fair, Glasgow

Feb 2007 – Piers Feetham, 20/21 Art Fair, London

May 2007  – BCAF, Battersea, London

Oct 2007 – Lena Boyle, Affordable Art Fair, London

Jan 2006 – Lena Boyle, London Art Fair, London

May 2006 – Thompson’s, Glasgow Art Fair, Glasgow

Jan 2005 – Start Space, Miami Art Fair, Miami

May 2005 – BCAF, Battersea, London

Oct 2005 – Lena Boyle, Affordable Art Fair, London

Nov 2005 – BCAF, Battersea, London

Jan2004 – Start Space, London Art Fair, London

Apr 2004 – Start Space, Glasgow Art Fair, Glasgow

May 2004 – BCAF, Battersea, London

May 2003 – BCAF, Battersea, London

Jul 2003 – Fresh Art, Islington, London

Oct 2003 – Start Space, Affordable Art Fair, London

Nov 2003 – Start Space, Affordable Art Fair, New York


Master of Arts – Mixed Media Textiles, Royal College of Art, 1991-1993

BA Hons – Printed Textiles, Glasgow School of Art, 1986-1990

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