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Nicolas Granger-Taylor

Nicolas Granger-Taylor was born in London in 1963. He was educated at Latymer UpperSchool, Hammersmith, and began his art training at Kingston Polytechnic, followed by a three-year degree course in Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic, the only time he has lived away from London. It was toward the end of his first year at Bristol that he recognised that painting was what most inspired him, and chiefly painting from life. His final-year show mainly consisted of large figure studies taken directly from life, the principal subjects being solitary women in interiors, with particular attention to light and form. His course was thus set. Apart from some excursions into more imaginatively-based figure compositions in the following years, by late 1989 - at the start of his final year at the Royal Academy Schools – he was painting exclusively from life, with work on individual pieces ranging over several days, weeks or months.

This working pattern remains today, Nicolas alternating sessions with models and visitors for portrait commissions with his work on still lifes. Finding a subject that appeals to him, Nicolas will spend some time honing the arrangement of the subject and the composition of the picture before commencing to paint. He works in oils, mainly using sable brushes, on fine linen canvas which is sometimes stretched over board. The paintings have been called “cabinet pictures” – relatively small in size, they are intimate pieces that are nonetheless powerful, charged from the artist’s passion for his work, his relatedness with the subject, and the hours of focused observation.

Solo Exhibitions 
1988   Cadogan Contemporary, London
1991   Waterman Fine Art, London
1993   Waterman Fine Art, London
1999   Offer Waterman & Co, London
2003   Offer Waterman & Co, London 
2011   Jonathan Cooper, London
2013   Jonathan Cooper, London
2014   Robert Eagle Fine Art, London

Selected Group Exhibitions 
1986   The South Bank Picture Show, Royal Festival Hall, London
1987   John Player Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London
1987   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
1987   The South Bank Picture Show, Royal Festival Hall, London
1988   The South Bank Picture Show, Royal Festival Hall, London
1989   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
1990   B.P. Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London
1991   The NatWest 90’s Prize for Art, NatWest Tower, London
1992   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London                  
1992   The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London  
1995   B.P. Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London  
1996   Small Interiors, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
2005   Christmas Show, Browse and Darby, London 
2006   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London         
2008   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2008   The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London  
2009   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2010   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2014   The New English Art Club Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2015   Differently British, Robert Eagle Fine Art, Burgh House, London
2015   The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

Selected Awards
1987   John Player Portrait Award, Special Commendation
1990   Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award 
1990   Richard Ford Award  
1999   Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award

Selected public, institutional and private collections
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Latymer Upper School, Hammersmith (portrait commission)
Luton University (portrait commission)
New College, Oxford
The 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (portrait commission)
The Duke of Devonshire
The late Sir Brinsley Ford
The late Sir Alec Guinness CH, CBE
Barry Humphries CBE
The Steve Martin Collection, USA
Greta Scacchi OMRI

1981-82   Foundation Studies, Kingston Polytechnic
1982-85   BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art, Bristol Polytechnic
1987-90   Postgraduate Diploma in Painting, Royal Academy Schools, London

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