Bruce Denny


Born in 1967 in Suffolk, England, Bruce Denny has always been fascinated by how things work, their form and their structure.

Following successful careers in science and at The City Of London, Bruce only recently discovered a talent for sculpture. His love of the human form and function placed figurative works at the centre of his interest. He signed up for a course at Morley College to introduce him to the techniques of life modelling in clay, which brought together all his skills and experiences.

After exploring Humanity and Interaction, Bruce turned his attention to MORTALITY. As Denny says, "to be mortal is to live in the now; to be the best that we can be; to live life to the full; to be mindful of the delicate balance of life, but not to let it limit us in what we do, for our actions today have a profound impact on society and the way we might be remembered".

2016 to date: New Forest, Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa

2011 – 2014: London, Soho Square Garden, City Of Westminster Festival Of Sculpture

October 2010 – January 2011: Images of St Paul’s in the 21st Century, St Paul’s Cathedral, London

October 2008 – January 2010: Coutts Bank, Strand, London Albermarle Gallery, Mayfair Art London, Chelsea, London Allen & Overy LLP, London

October 2009: “Interaction”, Albermarle Gallery

October 2009: Art London, Chelsea, London

Spring/Summer 2009: Allen & Overy LLP, London

January – February 2008: New Work, London, HSBC Private Bank

December 2007: Christmas Show, London, Lloyds TSB Private Bank

October 2007: Art London, London

August 2007: Edinburgh Festival, Lloyds TSB

January – June 2007: HSBC Private Bank, London

October 12th 2006: Collection Launch, Hercules Road, London

January – February 2008: New Work, London