Opportunities for Artists - Open Call For Entries

The Sunny Art Prize offer artists the opportunity to exhibit at the Sunny Art Centre in the heart of London (near the British Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London). In addition to our in-house exhibition, a series of touring exhibitions will be staged at our partners' galleries across the U.K. and China (including Harmony Gallery in Shanghai, the Haidian District Beijing Center, Guangzhou AIP Gallery, and the Blanc Art Gallery in Macau).

Sunny Art Centre, London

The Sunny Art Centre is an art institution located on the historically rich Gray’s Inn Road, in the heart of London. The Sunny Art Centre’s impact on the international art world has been the fruit of years of exceptional international cooperation through the Sunny Art Prize competition. The international art award supports artists by unlocking novel market possibilities worldwide while providing a global and powerful platform for cultural exchanges. Travelling art exhibitions and residency opportunities, also organised on a global scale with the Centre’s partnering art galleries in Beijing and Shanghai, regularly give artists the chance to communicate their ideas to new audiences.

The Centre has proudly brought together the work of outstanding international artists from all over the world through global exhibitions and cultural events. Its approach to exhibiting art is to provide the public with unique and exceptional work that exemplifies the cultural diversity of the international art scene. The scope of every exhibition is to provide society as a whole with a magnifying lens to examine critical issues that affect the public’s social, political, and economic contexts.

Harmony Art Gallery, Shanghai

As a branch of one of the UK’s leading design firms (HWCD Associates), Harmony Art possesses a diverse and far-sighted international team that brings art and lifestyle design together. Located on Shanghai’s Golden City Road, the exhibition space covers an area of 600 square meters on two floors. The large windows on both floors along the wide street area allow the gallery to display some of the most exquisite as well as immersive works of art.

Harmony Art’s gallery in Shanghai is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in one of the biggest metropolis in the world. Harmony Art showcases the finest of the leading international contemporary artists while introducing them to one of the strongest art markets worldwide. In continuous allegiance with Sunny Art Centre’s mission, Harmony art also provides a space where the boundaries of contemporary art pushed by innovative curators and art directors.

Having established art collective centres in London, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Harmony Art continues to provide state-of-the-art resources keeping the artists’ development in mind. Furthermore, the gallery’s mission in providing prominent art collectors with some of the finest collections available makes Harmony Art one of the most competitive leaders in the global art market.

Haidian District Beijing Art Centre, Beijing

Opened to the public in July 2015, The Haiden District Beijing Centre was designed by Zong Dong and Liang Jianguo to represent the new generation of Chinese architecture in relation to the classical tradition of Chinese architecture. The collaborative project is based on the Master Tong Yijie’s lifestyle beliefs, promoting the theory of man as an integrated part of nature. The white structure can be viewed as a background for the trees which surround the building. White is the main colour of the world and reflects the changes in the light, creating a visual experience. The Centre aims at becoming one of the leading cultural institutions in China and represents a new idea of culture and social leisure. It includes several departments including a gallery, library, conference centre, spaces for children and families, a private club, and other customised private spaces. The design of the gallery is inspired by the White Cube Gallery and the exhibition programme hosted in the Centre has involved the collaboration of famous art associations.

Cheng Contemporary Art Centre, Beijing

Located at 798 Art Zone, the Cheng Contemporary Art Centre designed by a German architect was inspired by the legendary architectural style of Bauhaus. The idea of functional design rather than ornamental made it one of the most appealing locations for galleries from all over the world. It is the embodiment of a creative, rich experience and an inexhaustible resource of art and design. Moreover, the Cheng Contemporary Art Centre has arranged and curated a variety of exhibitions and creative events.

The cooperation between FA and Cheng tries to build a better sharing platform in order to provide a new generation of creative talents with cutting edge resources in one of the most iconic location dedicated to the creative arts. The Centre's online platform also provides the opportunity to connect artists and talented individuals from around the world.

Address: B01, 798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road Chaoyang District, Beijing.


Field Art Centre, Beijing

The Field Art Centre (FAC) is a platform for discovering, supporting and promoting excellent and productive international artists. The Art Centre is located in the Chaoyang District, Beijing. This district is one of the most prosperous areas in Beijing. It is an international business area with unique charm and vitality. It is also one of the most important embassy districts in the city. The Field Art Centre provides the area with a combination of vitality and grace and a place with one of the most active international cultural exchange. It focuses on the discovery, support and promotion of contemporary young artists. At the same time, the Field Art Centre aims to provide the contemporary art world with a strong academic and experimental support for new, cutting-edge exhibitions.

The Field Art Centre provides 600 square meters of exhibiting space with state of the art facilities. Moreover, it provides support for young artists throughout the world by organising exhibitions, public art project, international exchanges, and enriching its permanent collections with artworks from all over the world. At the same time, by having offices from Beijing and Hong Kong to London, FAC has effectively promoted cultural exchanges between China and the West. FAC recently held a number of experimental and avant-guard group exhibitions such as the 'Fresh History', 'Basic Reference', and 'Five Eyes Three Stops'. Important solo shows include abstract paintings by contemporary artist Guo Luo's in 'Unknown · Know · Unknown', Tang Bohua's 'Dunhuang Theme' and 'The Wind Can’t Take Away' solo exhibitions. In addition, FAC has also secured a number of important pieces for its permanent collection by international contemporary artists. These can be found in the 'Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy Collection' and in the 'Ancient and Modern Changes – A Small History of Chinese Painting' permanent exhibitions. Such collections include artists such as Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, and Li Keran amongst many others.

AIP Guangzhou Art Center, Guangzhou

Located at the F Zone in the Guangzhou Redtory Art & Design Factory, AIP Guangzhou Art Centre is one of the only contemporary art galleries present in the globally famous Redtory art district. The gallery is built in a light industry style and accommodates various art activities. It offers large indoor exhibitions spaces and welcomes art colleges and institutions to hold academic lectures and short-term courses. The Centre promotes a residential art programme providing artists of exceptional talent the time and creative spaces to research and create new work to expand their artistic practice.

Blanc Art Gallery, Macau

Blanc Art Gallery operates in the commercial and financial district on the Macau peninsula. Blanc Art’s mission is to promote great and innovative artists and to nurture the best artistic talent from around the world. The gallery’s unique location highlights its distinguished purpose - Upon entering the exhibition hall, one immediately experiences a sense of 'Art into life, life into art'. The gallery exhibits the contemporary artworks of established and emerging artists from Asia, Europe and the USA, while also nurturing the careers of young artists from the Greater China area. In addition to participating in major art fairs and exhibitions, Blanc Art seeks to cultivate in the general population of Macau, an appreciation and understanding of contemporary art. In providing a professional platform for artists, art critics, collectors, and art lovers, Blanc Art is positioned to play a vital role in contemporary art development in Macau.