Entry forms and entry fees must be received by the Sunny Art Centre on 30th June 2019
The entry fee for this competition is £25 for one artwork, £32 for two artworks, £40 for three artworks and £45 for four artworks (pricing excluding VAT).

Offline Registration

Please follow the following steps:

1. Download the application form (Click here to download the PDF  OR here to download the .docx) and fill it in with all the required details.

2. Forward to the followings:
A.  Application form
B.  Photos of artworks (.jpg, PDF and no more than 2MB size for each picture)
C. CV (no more than two A4 pages)
D.  Confirmation of submission fee

Please note that applications sent to email addresses other than will be lost.

Online Registration

Please, fill in with you details the form here below and create an online account to submit your application.

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