The Sunny Art Prize 2019 | London Exhibition opens on October 1st 2019 and will be on view until October 31st 2019. Thirty shortlisted artists from around the world have been selected to show their work in an exclusive exhibition of this yearly initiative. 

During the opening ceremony on October 1st (see details below for tickets), the top three entrants will be announced. Prizes for the top three winners include a cash award of £3,000 and a solo show at The Sunny Art Centre for First Prize, £2,000 for Second Prize, and £1,000 for Third Prize. All three winners will also win a one-month residency, and a group show in China.

Through painting, sculpture, ceramics, video art, 3D work, and installations, our shortlisted artists are engaging with themes such as colonialism, the current climate emergency and sharp extinction rates in the natural world, war and conflict, housing crises, mental health, identity, and consumerism. Therefore, the 2019 exhibition will provide audiences with a chance to think about how our societies and individual lifestyles contribute to the solution, or exacerbation, of the issues at hand.

The Sunny Art Prize is a yearly initiative providing artists from all over the world with the chance to publicly engage with themes and issues of a global scale. With the beginning of a new millennium, the highest hopes for, and achievements in, social, political, and economic greatness have been at the forefront of human life. At the same time, as we approach the second decade of this new century, people all over the world have begun to acknowledge the costs that derive from such greatness.

Closing this decade, the Sunny Art Prize 2019 wishes to reflect on some of the most pressing issues which revolve around both human achievements and their costs. In doing this, the shortlisted artists have proved that art is, and will always be, an invaluable tool to provoke meaningful responses from an audience towards sensitive and urgent topics. This year, we allowed artists to freely express themselves on matters that are happening in specific areas of the world, but which affect everyone on a global scale.

Visit the Shortlisted Artists page to check out the work of Pergiorgio Del Ben, James Earley, Lingrui Zhang, Giuseppe Anthony Di Martino, Honorata Gawronska, Juan Carlos Sanchez Sabogal, Xiaoyu Gong, Joshua Anderson, Haimi Fenichel, Christopher Cook, Pancho Jimenez, Sofie Berzon MacKie, Emma Elliott, Okman, James Moore, Ying-Hsi Laio, Noora Ylipieti, Lydia Pettit, Zofia Blazko, Mukta Avachat, Evan Lovejoy, Dominika Borek, Olga Tsetniva, Eunmi Kim, Ezra Lod, Adelisa Selimbasic, Chirag Jindal, Bronwen Paterson, Emma Tweedie and Pascal Ungerer.

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