The Sunny Art Centre team would like to congratulate the selected artists. 

We would like to thank everyone who applied for the Sunny Art Prize 2021, we have received a great number of applications from all over the world. The quality and diversity of the artwork submitted and the passion shown by the artists, fill our hearts with warmth and desire to organise the Sunny Art Prize 2022.

The Sunny Art Centre team has been working hard to select the 30 shortlisted, it has been a tough task to choose 30 artists from all the outstanding applications we have received, therefore we have selected 33 shortlisted as we felt the competition was very high. For the artists that have not been selected this year, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to be part of next year's Sunny Art Prize, as we were amazed by everyone's skills. 
For the 33 selected artists, instructions of the next steps to follow will be sent out by email at the end of this week. Our team are currently planning the Sunny Art Prize 2020 Winner Solo Exhibition, so please be patient with us.


Ana Sobreira  -  Cristina Jobs  -  Claude Jeong  -  Clare Thatcher  -  Catherine Chambers  -  Dominique Suberville  -  Daniel Jackont  -  Eddy Greenwood  -  Elly Cho -  Enza Galantini - Guido Sarti  -  Lain Andrews  -  Jacob Weeks  -  Ji One Choi  -  Kasia Dzikowska - Koshiro Akiyama  -  Libbi Kantor  - Ljubica Denkovic  -  Luke Goddard  -  Long Huang  -  Marina Belikova  -  Mary Newton  -  Micaela Muzi  -  Ninni Heldt -  Noora kulvik Ana D. Lombard  -  Pinelopi Triantafyllou  -  Pablo Figueroa - Robert West  -  Shiqian Pan  -  Tahn Ahn  -  Victor Secardin  -  Zhelei Wang  -  Zion Lee