Our Chinese calligraphy classes are held every Tuesday evening. This Chinese calligraphy class is taught by renown calligraphers Desmond Chung and Kang Shu Wen. The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy is world-renowned for its gestural movement and painterly touch. Not only is it a functional way of writing, but it is also considered an art form within Asian culture. With its close relationship to ink wash and watercolour painting, attaining the skill of this calligraphic style will build upon your pre-existing painting and drawing abilities, as well developing a new knowledge base for this historically significant medium. During this course, our skilled tutors will take you step-by-step through the various techniques, styles, and histories of this genre. Learn about different types of papers and brushes and their material significances, as well the diverse range of inks, and ways of articulating marks and compositions. Perhaps even pick up on some Chinese characters as well! This course is intended for pupils across all skill levels - We will be able to accommodate specific interests as well as teach more general techniques and methods. Feel free to experiment and sharpen your skills in an energizing yet meditative and relaxing atmosphere.


The classes are informal and are suitable for students at all levels (including professional artists who would like to try a new technique).  Consistent with the philosophies behind Chinese Calligraphy, our aim is to make the classes fun and sociable so that you can unwind after your busy week and enjoy your weekend.

Other classes and workshops

Throughout the year, we have special classes with themes that are dedicated to celebrate special days in the Chinese calendar.  In 2013, to celebrate Chinese New Year, our students produced hand painted red fortune envelopes and, for the Mid-Autumn Festival, they painted lanterns. You will need to provide your own drawing or painting materials for the classes. If you are unsure about what materials you need, you can take a look at our online shop for suggestions. Alternatively, you can contact us or purchase the materials at the studio.