This life drawing and portrait painting art course is aimed at students wishing to focus on the exploration of the human figure. The course tutors will show students how different body features relate to one another, and will hence instruct them on how to represent anatomy, musculature and different poses effectively.

The art teachers will also introduce students to drawing techniques which will ensure the proper representation of each anatomical part from hands, feet, legs and arms to facial features such as eyes, nose, lips, and ears. The use of study skeletons and cast objects will aid the students with the manipulation of tones, textures and volume for fine academic representations of the body.

The presence of life models will enable students to develop their ability to handle light and shade, to represent different body types and to draw musculature in motion.


Please note that there are some preliminary foundational skills and knowledge with regular drawing and painting that you will need before successfully approaching the human body. 

Hence why we recommend that beginners sign up for a Beginner's Drawing or Painting course before approaching this course on human anatomy.

This will ensure that you will have all the foundational skills necessary to enjoy this course.

What You Will Achieve Upon Completing the Course

Students will explore the beauty of the human figure, develop good observation skills, perfect the techniques for portraiture, and learn how to express their inner artist. You will become highly proficient in drawing/painting the human figure with various mediums and in recording different poses in a relatively short time. In particular, you will understand how to portray anatomy accurately, to develop your use of light and tone, and to construct a space through the use of settings and backgrounds. By the end of the course, you will have produced several high quality drawings/paintings to add to your art collection!



  • No fixed starting date or timetable, you can book any available lesson(s) when it suits you.
  • You can choose from a wide range of packages with different quantities of lessons to fit with the type of commitment you want to put into your artistic development.
  • Only 10 students are allowed per session, this means our teacher can provide individual and targeted advice.
  • The classes are taught keeping your personal development in mind. Hence, subjects matter and techniques are tailored to your level and individual experience.
  • We can teach you how to handle every medium including oil, acrylic, and watercolour.
  • Figurative or abstract, we'll help you to discover your individual artistic style.
  • You can share your pre-paid art lessons with family and friends so that you can bring someone along without having to pay for extra new packages of lessons.



Title: Self portrait
Medium: Pastel on paper
Student’s Name: Alice Bird
Size: 40 cm x 29cm
Year: 03/01/2015
Title: Nude
Medium: Pencil on paper
Student’s Name: Francesco Sciaraffia
Year: 09/10/2014

Title: Portrait painting
Medium: Oil on canvas
Student’s Name: Fiona
Year: 01/12/2012
Title: Still life drawing – Nude
Medium: Pencil on paper
Student’s Name: Helen Shih
Year: 19/01/2014
Title: portrait drawing
Medium: Pastel on paper
Student’s Name: Polina Obolenskaya
Year: 15/12/2012
Title: Portrait
Medium: Pencil on paper
Student’s Name: Mohammed Suqlain
Year: 15/12/2013
Title: Portrait painting
Medium: Oil on canvas
Student’s Name: Dianna Rice
Year: 15/01/2013