For Artists:
Fairs 2018 - October (Application Deadline: 15th August 2018)

Please note that the announcement of the winners is made online. We will publish the names of the shortlisted artists in the London Pop Up Art Fair homepage.

We try our best to contact each artist about the result of their application. Please note that some logistics may occur (such as bounced emails) and we apologise for the inconvenience in advance. We will be very happy to answer any question at

For Visitors:

The ticket will give you access to both the opening night and the general public admission. Refreshment will be provided during the opening.


Upcoming Pop Up Fairs 2018


2nd Edition:  3rd - 5th October 2018, 10 am- 16 pm
Opening night: 3rd October 2018, 18am - 21pm
Public opening time: 3rd - 5th October 2018,  10am  - 16pm

Price For Ticket:  £5

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