London Pop Up Art Fair

The London Pop Up Art Fair is hosted by Sunny Art Centre in the heart of the city London. This art fair is intended to be a launch pad for the very best young and emerging artists from across the UK and the world.  You will be able to immerse yourself in a place filled with many different contemporary artists, from painters, illustrators, graphic designers, 3D artists, to ceramic and jewellery designers, you will explore a great gamut of practices.

The Pop Up Art Fair is scheduled every six months and takes place over three days. The fair will give you a chance to mingle with a variety of talented artists and art enthusiasts. Our expert team of curators constantly works to bring the best cutting-edge artists whose practise are not only local but national and international as well. We hope to promote a relaxed environment where artists and guests can spark up conversations about their practice, artworks and all areas of the creative world.

Our mission is to make art available to wider audiences and to allow individuals to explore and also collect the art that they love. This event is, therefore, open to everyone. Whether you are an art lover or a collector you can be sure you will find the finest rising artists.



Due to previous issues with our submission portal, we have decided to extend the deadline for the London Pop Up Art Fair to mid March 2018 in order to process applications that could not be confirmed due to system failures (due to technical issues with our servers during peak times). The March edition will then be merged with the June edition meaning that the shortlisted artists of both edition will exhibit together in a larger show. This is still scheduled for the same timeframe:

6th - 8th June 2018, 10 am- 18 pm
Opening night: 6th June 2018, 18am - 21pm
Public opening time: 6th - 8th June 2018,  10am  - 18pm

Shortlisted artists will then be announced the 22nd March, 2018; one week after the extended deadline and the names will be announced on this page.