Please note that there is a submission fee that is dependant on the number of pieces submitted:

  • 1 artwork £30 + VAT / 2 artworks £35 + VAT / 3 artworks £40 + VAT / 4 artworks £45 + VAT
  • 5 artworks £48 + VAT / 8 artworks £50 + VAT / 10 artworks £53 + VAT


There are NO other additional fees once your work has been shortlisted.  Apart from the submission fee, we will not ask shortlisted artists to pay for wall spaces or stands. Otherwise, we will provide all the necessary marketing promotions, opening events and workforce free of charge.

Offline Registration

Please follow the following steps:
1. Download the application form (Application Form - click here to download) and fill it in with all the required details.
2. Forward to the followings:
A.  Application form
B.  Photos of artworks (.jpg, PDF and no more than 2MB size for each picture)
C.  Confirmation of submission fee

Online Registration

Please, fill in with you details the form here below and create an online account to submit your application.

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