Insights: Leading Chinese Figurative Artists

Open between: November 8th-14th 2018. Opening time: 10 am to 4 pm.
Private View: November 8th 2018, 6 to 9pm.

Sunny Art Centre presents a new exhibition by Chinese curator Wang Xi. This curated group show will comprise the work of the four major artists currently leading the scene of contemporary Chinese figurative painting: Leng Jun, Xu Mangyao, Guo Runwen, and Yuan Zhengyang. The exhibition ‘Insights: Leading Chinese Figurative Artists’ will open on November 8th 2018 and will be on display until November 14th at the Sunny Art Centre, London.

‘My insight works in a symbolic way, so just like a hybrid, I hover between ideas and feelings, sense and sensibilities, as well as ingenuity and genius. Such a situation makes me strained in both philosophical thinking and poetry, especially in early years. Whenever I’m supposed to do philosophical thinking, a mood for poetry prevails; whenever I intend to be a poet, my philosophical spirit takes the wind. Even now, I constantly find myself in situations where imagination intervenes  in abstract thinking while cold sense interferes with poems.’
-Schiller, in a letter to Goethe written on 13 August 1794

Aesthetic judgement is the pleasure arising from the form of an object. The reason such a form can generate pleasure is that it adapts to the cognitive functions of human imagination and apprehension, hence enabling them to operate and cooperate in harmony. In order to make the expression of art free, artists must overcome the prevailing inclinations of 'art as language' and conquer their content with form. The nature of the 'language of their art' must blend entirely into ideas, while symbols into the objects they symbolise, and reality into visualised images. The object that is being expressed must be envisioned successfully and freely through the pure expression of the painting medium. It shall stand before imagination with all its authenticity, vitality and intimacy, regardless of the shackles of language.

While for centuries Western countries brought their cultural influence to the East and China, today China establishes new cultural and artistic communications with Western countries. Thanks to the implementations of new reforms and the opening-up policy of China, a new age of cultural exchange and influence is now possible in the wake of a new, hyper-connected, protean world.

Wang Xi, Beijing, June 2018.