Where will classes be held?
Classes will take place at our gallery space on 30 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8HR, London a one-minute walk from Chancery Lane underground station.

How do I get there?
Transport by tube to our Centre: Chancery Lane or Holborn Station (Central Line)

Do I need to bring my own drawing board and easel?
No, we provide easels and drawing boards during the class, but you need to bring your own painting and drawing materials (including paper/sketchbook).

Where can I park my car?
There is an NCP car park near Farringdon Station (5 min walk from Sunny Art Centre)

How to sign up
Step 1
We require new students to pay for the classes online first via the Short Course Page.
Step 2
Create a personal account to book your lessons. You can do this via the 'My Account’ portal' located on the top right corner of our web homepage. 
Step 3
Email us with your receipt/order number (info@sunnyartcentre.co.uk) and we will top-up/activate the course on your account within 24H.

How is each class structured?
Each class will begin with a lecture from our tutors about the topic of the class, followed by a practical demonstration. All classes are structured in a progressive way so that during each class you will be able to develop and build upon the skills learnt during the previous lessons.

Is there a break during the class?
You can take a break during the class if you feel you need to stretch your legs a bit. Most people stop for 5 minutes after the first hour (mid-lesson).

I am a complete beginner, is that OK?
That is no problem, you are more than welcome to sign up for our beginner’s class. Our Short courses are structured so that you can choose whether you want to sign up for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced course (this applies to all courses, including the drawing course, the oil painting course, the acrylic course, and the watercolour course).

Do I need to start with a drawing course before painting if I have no experience?
It is advisable to start with a drawing course (especially if you are a beginner) as this will improve your accuracy and will enhance the skills required to differentiate between different tones in monochrome values before you move on to colours. It will also provide you with compositional skills and other cross-skills that are fundamentals with oil, acrylic, as well as watercolours.

What art materials will I need?
For Drawing: masking tape (Important), graphite pencils, pitt charcoal pencils, or willow charcoal sticks (different sizes), stumps (different sizes), putty eraser, drawing paper (minimum 220g/m2). 
We also have a set pack with everything you need at our online store: Drawing Material Link

For Oil Painting: canvas, wooden palette, white spirit, turpentine, linseed oil, two dippers with lids, 6 different size soft paint brushes, tissue or rag (Important: for cleaning your brushes), oil paints, stainless steel container for white spirit, apron.
We also have a set pack with everything you need at our online store: Oil Materials Link

For Watercolours: watercolour paper, palette, water container, 4 different sizes of soft paint brushes, watercolour paints, tissue/cloth.
We also have a set pack with everything you need at our online store: Watercolours Materials Link

For Acrylic Painting: canvas, palette, water container,4 different sizes of soft paint brushes, acrylic paints, tissue.
We also have a set pack with everything you need at our online store: Acrylic Materials Link

When can a booking be cancelled?
Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email. Due to the high demand and limited places in our classes, we have a strict cancellation policy, we require 48hours notice if you wish to cancel your class. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

What if I need to refund my classes?
Any student who registers for a class that is cancelled for any reason by Sunny Art Centre will receive the credit back to their account and the opportunity to reschedule their class (with an extended expiry date of one week for your package). Any student who registers for a class or program and who requires a refund may receive it only within 3 days after purchase (minus a 15% cancellation and processing fee). After 3 days, you will not be able to request a refund.