The Sunny Art Centre, a leader in art education, has established itself as one of the most favoured destinations to study art in London. The efforts of our tutors ensure that the Centre continuously delivers new, cutting-edge methods and techniques to facilitate our students’ engagement with art, thus cementing the Centre’s first-class reputation in London.

What art courses are we offering?

We offer a range of  Art&Design Courses on-site in our central London art studio at Sunny Art Centre or remotely online via our live online teaching platformand, and art & design portfolio preparation courses. We have courses for adults and options for kids and teens as well. Our classes focus on painting and drawing techniques, including oil and acrylic paint, watercolour and inks, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, and graphite. We additionally provide art workshops and courses for businesses and corporations. Our courses are designed for anyone keen to develop and improve their art abilities, and for students interested in preparing a portfolio for foundation degrees, BAs and MAs applications as well as art scholarships.

Study with the world-leading art tutors

Our team of world-leading art tutors were academically trained at the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Royal Academy of Arts and Central Saint Martins in London, the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, The Athens Academy in Greece, and the Florence Academy of Art. The extraordinary efforts of the Sunny Art Centre team ensure that the organisation can continuously deliver cutting-edge art tuition in London and all over the world.

Small, personalised and structured art classes

Our London art courses are designed and taught by our expert art tutors, who offer a personalized learning experience to meet the individual needs and pace of their students. Our art classes are small (max 10 students per lesson allowed) and structured and focus on the fundamental principles of drawing and painting - catered for all students, including the beginner to the art student who wishes to pursue a professional art career.

Our art and design portfolio preparation courses, in our central London art studio, are perfect for students that need to prepare their portfolios from scratch or refine and improve existing ones. Each student will work through a tailored study plan to follow throughout the course. The one-to-one sessions with a dedicated tutor give you the chance to tap into the expertise and knowledge of our team of art and design specialists. The bespoke portfolio courses will allow you to explore different art practices and experiment with your projects to develop a highly engaging art portfolio

After your enrolment, you will meet one of our art tutors for your first introduction art lesson - this will help us to understand your art background and your interests. According to your information, the art tutor will design a personal study plan via your online account, which can be accessed by all tutors.

How to study art classes regularly?

In addition, after you finish a package, you can choose to continue your learning with our exceptional team through rebooking or choosing a new personalized package. Many of our alumni students choose to master a particular medium/s, develop a genre or wish to try something new. 

To ensure the safety of our students and staff we have implemented the government's Covid-19 policies and advice (link).

All classes will be available live online during a lockdown. 

For new bookings made during a lockdown, you will automatically receive an extension of 90 days to complete your package.

Onsite & Online Virtual Art Courses

All of our art courses can be learnt in our central London art studio at Sunny Art Centre or remotely online via our live online teaching platform. The live online art tuition will follow the same structure as our on-site sessions. You can, therefore, have live interactive art lessons with our expert art tutors remotely, wherever you are.

Easy set-up for home study 

Access the Zoom   virtual art classroom with laptop & mobile

Laptop:  Virtual tutorial with our art tutors
Mobile Camera: Tutor can monitor your working progress
Prepare Art Materials for Home Study  : Online Art Course Materials pack

How are the live online courses structured?

You will receive structured lessons with reference images, concept and technique documents, short demonstration videos, plus live demos from your tutor and critiques.

Live Demonstration 

Demonstration with traditional drawing/painting medium techniques: Our tutor will set up the camera to live record the demonstration during the art lesson. 

Demonstration with Photoshop

  1. Screenshot student’s work in progress 
  2. The tutor will screen share their computer screen live with students 
  3. Correct students' work live with Photoshop; this software provides an assortment of traditional drawing and painting brush effects, allowing tutors to paint/draw digitally with academic drawing /painting techniques.

Screen Share  : Allows our tutors to share their computer screen with remote students during live sessions for explanations and critiques
Screenshot / Screen Recording  :  Allows you to record any useful info during the virtual class
Group Learning: Monitor your classmate’s working progress and learn from their critiques.

3 minutes to sign up for an art course online 

1. Choose your course below.

2. On the course page, choose the package of lessons you want to book. Click Book Now below to sign up for the course. The login/signup pop-up window will appear after clicking on the Book Now button. Sign up (new student) or login (returning student) to proceed to payment as you need an account for us to sync your order.*

3. Process the payment and use your account to book your lessons either at the centre or live online. (One to one courses are booked at mutually convenient times, so email us or use the online chat to book your first lesson).

*Masterclasses do not require a student account as they are one-offs courses available throughout the year. They are thus even quicker to book.


No fixed starting date or timetable: you can book any available lesson(s) when it suits you, either at the centre or remotely through our Live Online Group Art Tuition service.

Our art classes are tailored to your level and needs, keeping your development in mind throughout the course.

We can teach you how to handle every medium including oil, acrylic, and watercolour.

Only 10 students are allowed per art lesson, to ensure that your art teacher can provide you with individual and targeted advice.

We have art lessons available every day, including both Saturdays and Sundays. Select and book the classes which suit your timetable using your personal online account.

You can also use the pre-paid lessons to book special workshops focusing on topics such as the use of  mixed-media, or the practice of working en plein air.

Choose from a wide range of packages with different quantities of art lessons, fitting with your preferred type of commitment.

You can share your pre-paid art lessons with family and friends so that you can bring someone along without paying for extra course packages.

Figurative or abstract, we will help you to discover your individual creative style.

Learn from Experts Tutors

Our Art Centre’s team of expert art tutors has an incredibly strong academic background - they honed their valuable skills and trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Royal Academy of Arts and Central Saint Martins in London, the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the Athens Academy in Greece, and the Florence Academy of Art.

The extraordinary efforts of the art tutors ensure that the organisation can continuously deliver bespoke cutting-edge art tuition for students both on-site at our London art studio, Sunny Art Centre or remotely online.


Mindy Q

Such an amazing art studio! The tutors are very friendly and professional. The centre has a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. I completely enjoyed my evening course there. I highly recommend Sunny Art Centre to everyone who needs art courses to improve their drawing and painting skills. ____
Verified Customer

Palina Malash

Sunny Art Centre is a great place to improve drawing or painting abilities at any level. The teacher Nicolas whom I had a chance to study with is very professional and supportive! I always enjoy my time at Sunny Art Centre! ____
Verified Customer

Ksenia Blake

Amazing teachers and wonderful atmosphere! Have been in and out for several years and these are definitely the best academic skill classes you can get in London. Also, amazing and speedy service in case of any queries, 100% recommend to everyone! ____
Verified Customer

Safiyah Aba AlKhail

Sunny Art Centre has amazing courses that are really helpful and great tutors that are highly knowledgeable. They understand each student’s individual needs and know how to help them improve. I had a wonderful experience with them. Highly recommended. ____
Verified Customer

Oliver Catoto

The place is really an amazing venue to learn different art classes. They have a very professional and helpful staff. Not to mention their program for all abilities is very useful and learning friendly. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and will definitely come back for more! ____
Verified Customer

Christopher Armstrong

I enrolled my 8-year-old daughter who loves art but needed to learn the correct techniques in order to really flourish. The teachers are all really patient and give her lots of tips and encouragement, so she loves to go as often as she’s able. As a result her skills as an artist have come on

Li Du

Friendly teachers, well suited for my 7 years girl. ____
Verified Customer