Landscape painting workshop at Hampstead Heath

We will be holding an off-site landscape painting workshop on September 18th, in Hampstead Heath. This will provide the perfect opportunity for students to hone their light, colour, and tonal skills within a plein-air environment. They will be inspired to experiment and push their technical boundaries, as well as treating themselves to some fresh air and perhaps a little picnic as well. Our tutors will be there to support our students with compositional and technical skills, as well as providing background information on the long and complex tradition of the landscape genre.

Booking method
Please visit our online platform  and click ” Special Event” to book your art workshop.

Our weekend workshops are very popular so we encourage our students to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Where to meet 

Students should meet at Hampstead Heath train station at 10am. Please call our teacher Shelby Seu at 07943205471 on your arrival.


First session:  10am - 12:30pm

Second session: 1:00pm to  3:30pm

Please bring your own materials, e.g. pastel, graphite, charcoal, colour pencil. If you wish to pre-purchase any material, you can take a look at our online shop for suggestions, please send an email to us with the items to be paid on website, so on the date of the workshop, our teacher could bring the material to the site for you.

For all levels

Contact details
Tel:  0044+(0)2086165990
*We reserve the rights to change all or any part of the above mentioned itinerary.