On October 24th, a new edition of the London Pop Up Art Fair will close the Fair’s programme for the year 2018. A new selection of contemporary artists will be part of a three days event where a mixture of practices, from painting to sculpture and ceramic, will be showcased at Sunny Art Centre, London. The international background of each artist will provide audiences with the opportunity to find out more about the recent developments in contemporary art as they are happening throughout the globe.

A list of some of the artists that will exhibit at the fair include:

  • Dido Crosby
  • Jesus Curia 
  • Hanneke Giezen
  • Iris Legendre
  • Heidi Warr

The London Pop Up Art Fair was born with the intent of bringing an arsenal of innovative artists and their work to London for an event which engages audiences while trying to break away from the perceived austerity and impenetrability of art galleries. At Sunny Art Centre, we believe that the art world should not be restrained by an elitist approach. Otherwise, like many exhibitions and art competitions we organise, the Pop Up Art Fair is designed for the artists and their public first. It provides a space to engage with each other and reciprocally enriches their views about art.