Melancolía - José Luis Cena


Get your ticket for the private view of our new upcoming exhibition 'José Luis Cena - Melancolía' on Wednesday 13th September, 18:00 - 21:00, and meet the artist behind the work.

José Luis Ceña is an established Spanish fine artist, who has specialised in Visual Arts. His work has been widely appreciated and has become an integral part of various museums and galleries worldwide. He was awarded a grant by The Royal Mint, Madrid, which enabled him to structure his studies of engraving and graphic design. This supported his training and The funding helped support his training and provide resources and tools that aided his creative process and special art plasticity.

His paintings are rich in character. The tangibility of the composition allows the viewer to project their own feeling and meaning onto the work, therefore creating their own individual interpretations.Moreover, part of his iconography emerges from his thoughts based on readings or personal experience. There is an undeniable echo of romantic mystery throughout the oeuvre. The paintings do not directly evoke meaning, but rather suggest the hidden reality in emotion, a chance, a narrative. Therefore, the art on display during this solo exhibition will function as a matrix of the melancholic feeling amongst the audience who, despite having not experienced the events depicted, will be poetically invited to feel the nostalgia of moments that belong to their past.


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