Private View (Overtures: Representing Art from Near and Far)

Opening Reception: 8 Sep 2016, 6-9pm
Exhibition: 8-29 September 2016 
Address: Sunny Art Centre, 30 Gray’s Inn Rd, WC1X 8HR, London

contemporary-art-gallery-in-central-londonSunny Art Centre is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition Overtures: Art from Near and Far. Showcasing a selection of painting, ceramic and jewellery pieces, eight international and well- established artists investigate themes ranging from the representation of human life to the complexity of nature. A minute’s walk from Chancery Lane Underground, Sunny Art Centre has been designed to create an open-ended platform to foster artistic exchange among international communities. It offers opportunities for artists to exhibit and promotes a wide range of educational courses and events, including art classes for adults and children. The artists selected for the opening show Overtures form a chamber orchestra of diverse styles and media, underscored by exceptional skill. While John MacAulay’s paintings are keyed into the mundanity of ordinary domestic life, Korean artist Cho Kwang Pil’s opulent portraits and interiors represent a luxurious alternative.

Here the fetish images of thrones and crowns, not packing cases and running shoes, become symbols of human desire. Abstracted from the banal, Hanna Ten Doornkaat’s drawings have a meditative quality, exploring the haunting of memory and thought within geometric time signatures. If the “spirit of the artist”, according to ceramicist Tim Andrews, arises from a blend of passion, care and integrity, it is these qualities that infuse his raku and porcelain creations. Chang Sook Lee’s art recalls the material world of soil and communicates an ambiguous feeling of fear at and relief with the living earth. Ceramist Sarah E. Choi’s sculptural stoneware vessels explore different techniques and leitmotif, revelling in hallucinogenic visions of London as a constantly evolving work in its own right.

Jewellery designers Jocelyn Burton and Yemyungji make glittering pieces that incorporate glass, metals, precious and semi-precious stones. While Yemyungji uses an intricate 3D knitting method to produce voluminous shapes, Jocelyn Burton’s pieces celebrate the timeless elegance of precious luxury and craftsmanship. For more information please email us at:

Private View