Royal Limited Edition Print – Leonardo da Vinci – Studies of a Rearing Horse

Leonardo da Vinci
Studies of a Rearing Horse

A dynamic study in red chalk and pen and sepia c.1503-4. Leonardo made a number of studies of horses for a mural in the Palazzo delle Signoria in Florence depicting the Battle of Anghiari (1440). Only part of the mural, which ultimately did not survive, was completed. The movement in this sketch is demonstrated by the varying positions of the horses legs and head. The cursorily drawn rider adds further to the mood. Below are the faint outlines of smaller drawing of a horse rearing towards the left.

Print size: 5.8” x 6.2”

Full size: 10.5″ x 12.5″


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Lost for over 50 years, a stunning find for collectors!

This exclusive collection of lithographic prints is one of the finest in the world, some of the most beautiful drawings and paintings from the Royal Library. The collection clearly displays the enthusiasm held by the Royal collectors over the past 500 years for Italian art; the images demonstrate the creativity of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and many more of the Renaissance era.

In 1964, Queen Elizabeth and the Royal household commissioned Waterlow & Sons with the printing of the collection under the supervision of Dr. Bernhard Baer.

Seldom seen by the public, the originals have been expertly photographed and reproduced in limited numbers.

The plates for this collection had been reproduced by gracious permission from H.M. The Queen and since been destroyed and can never be reproduced without consent from the Royal Collection.

You will find a number of the prints in this collection feature the Royal E.R. seal of King Edward VII in the bottom right corner.

Ideal as a set or simply alone, these prints create a classic finish to any room or themed exhibition.

You don’t often hear of a long lost and forgotten treasure resurfacing after years in the most unlikely of places. One such remarkable find was made by Charles Pearson following the death of his father William Pearson in 2000. Whilst sifting through various store rooms at their family home, Charles came across a set of sealed packages tucked away in a little unused room. 

Upon investigation, these well protected packages contained what appeared to be a selection of coloured prints illustrating the paintings and drawings of old Italian masters. Further research revealed that these lithograph prints were of huge significance; it soon became apparent that they were reproductions of some of the finest works of Italian Renaissance art, of which the originals form part of the Queen's Collection.

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