A Pair of Large Chinese Huali, Early 20th Century

Date: Early 20th Century

Medium: Rosewood, silk and coloured ink

Size: 67 x 37 in, 170.2 x 94 cm

Framed dimensions: 78 x 46 x 1 3/4 inches


Both images painted on silk and depicting a husband and wife in Ming Dynasty attire wearing elegant red robes with inscribed cloud patterns, the male with an official’s crane rank badge and black wushaomao hat, the female with a large badge containing peacocks and cranes and topped with an ornate headdress made of kingfisher feathers and dripping pearls, both seated on a detailed tiger skin draped over black lacquered armchairs. The wood frames constructed of impressive large sections of huali wood, the reverse with old metal hardware for mounting.

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