Adelisa Selimbasic | Opservatorio

Oil on canvas, 30x40cm.

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The artist claims to accept only clear and distinct elements as true, that is, only what the mind can identify in an immediate and simple way. In her painting, the viewer is freed from the obstacles created by biases stimulated by what we see and how we subsequently interpret it. The painting insinuates doubts in the viewer about reality through the representation of a "crude" and straightforward reality itself.

No one can really know others. The impression of what you think others think of you is just that, an impression (yours only), and not necessarily reality itself. You will never know what others truly think of you, how they see you. It is for this reason that we find ourselves in front of unidentifiable figures that do not disclose their identity. They disguise their identity not only by missing identifiable traits and features, but also by almost merging with the elements that surround them through delicate colours and shapes. 

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 30 cm


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