Carl Roth – Portrait of a Sitting Lady

Medium: Pastel on toned paper

Measurements: 22x17cm

Signed and dated lower right: ‘Carl Roth gem. 1842’

Conditions: Slight traces of age, framed

Carl Roth was an artist who specialised in portraiture and landscapes. It is documented he resided in Vienna from 1850 and was a pupil of Dafinger.

The painting ‘Portrait of a Sitting Lady’ is an elegant portrayal of a seated lady in a white lace dress and transparent red scarf, resting gracefully on a green cushion placed on the arm of a chair. Her style of hair and her clothing would indicate a lady from polite society. Perhaps a commissioned portrait or maybe the artist’s wife due to the sensual display of her right shoulder.



£670 (exc. VAT)

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