• Traces of Gold, 24H x 20ø cm, £500 ex. VAT
  • Traces of Gold, 24H x 20ø cm, £500 ex. VAT

Ceramist Jolanda Verdegaal – Traces of gold


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Jolanda is trained as a teacher with a degree in Arts and Crafts and Health education. Since 1991 she exhibits her work on a regular base. In particular, her work is on display in private collections, galleries and museums in the Netherlands and abroad (such as in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, South Korea and China), and has been featured in several publications.

She also teaches wheel throwing techniques at the Dutch Ceramics Training Institute SBB in Gouda.

To describe her practice, Jolanda stated:

'Layers in rock formations, cracks in dried river beds or gnarled tree bark. It needs great skills on the potter’s wheel to turn these textures into clay. Matte, rough glazes, fired at high temperatures finish off the work. The addition of elements such as hand sculpted branches or steles, or the use of gold lustre makes every piece unique.'

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 24 cm