Chinese Painting / Calligraphy Brushes Set

An excellent brush set of three made of wolf hair with a small, a medium and a large tip for Chinese painting. Ideal for small script calligraphy writing and fine line drawing in sumi-e painting. 

The wooden box contains three brushes:

  • Large (hair length: 60mm, brush length: 300mm)
  • Medium (hair length: 55mm, brush length: 290mm)
  • Small (hair length: 50mm, brush length: 280mm)


  • Our brushes have exceptional quality and are hand-made by master craftsmen. Our art tutors have also tested each of them. Can be used by calligraphers, water-colourists, ink-painters, ceramists, and experimental artists.
  • This brush is capable of a variety of expressive brush-strokes and brush effects that no Western brush can achieve. It is especially good for free-flowing and expressive strokes and yet they are still firm enough to give control and accuracy when required.
  • This brush will give you years of pleasure and good service when properly looked after it.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 8 cm