Chinese Watermark Woodcut Prints – Cui De Zheng – Moonlight

Description: Chinese Watermark Woodcut Prints
Size: 60 x 80 cm
Year: 2016
Medium: Print (Framed)
Edition of 5

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2012  Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, BA in Painting
2016  Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, MA in Painting- Printmaking

2014    “Resonance” CAFA Postgraduate Student Exhibition, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing
             Art Affair, Chinese National Academy of Arts- Printmaking, Beijing

2015    Academy of Fine Arts College Students Creative Character, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
            Baozhen art affair, National Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing
            21st National Prints Exhibition, Chongqing Art Gallery, Chongqing
            Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
            International Exhibition of Art, Art Museum of Nanjing University of Art, Nanjing
            Guangzhou Art Strade, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Guangzhou
            Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
            Singapore Art Fair, Singapore Art Exhibition, Singapore

2016   Dezi Art Centre, Beijing
            Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
            Onyx Gallery, Beijing
            Honyo Art, Beijing
            DuGe Boutique Gallery, Beijing
            Inheritances: The Language in Contemporary Art, Parkview Green Art, Beijing
            Beijing Young Art Biennial, Today Art Museum, Beijing
            Keguan Gallery, Beijing


2011       Scholarship of printmaking- the second prize
2012       “Childhood” awarded CAFA Graduate exhibition third prize, work kept by CAFA
2015       China First Illustration Art Exhibition, the work was awarded the first prize and kept by   
                Guangzhou Museum of Art and published.
2016       Beijing Young Art Biennial 3rd prize
                Works “Clear moon in the Sky”, “Drunken Boat”, “Bi An”, “Fork of Light” participated in 
                Graduate Exhibition for postgraduate students, awarded CANSON printmaking award 1st 


Guangzhou Museum of Art
Beijing Song Ya Feng Culture Media Limited Liability Company

The reason I chose to research Song Painting is because of its deep roots in traditional culture, it can be thought of as the “first Renaissance in China”.  The atmosphere of Song Painting is especially hazy and peaceful. Its spirit is the “studying of natural phenomena in order to acquire knowledge”. My lively works, inspired by humanity, include subjects including intimate scenery, flowers and birds, and children at play, explored through the use of woodblock print. The work explores the serenity and peacefulness of the inner spirit, a new realm which is much more attractive than reality. The work aims to increase the relaxation of those viewing. 

Another influence on my artwork comes from the Japanese artist Yumeji Takehisa. His work was influenced by a western realistic approach, but still remains perfectly eastern in taste, with its’ misty beauty. The spirit of Song Painting, the delicate and sentimentalism of Ukiyo-e, and modern western realistic expression are all things that influence my work.For instance, my work “Drunken Boat” was the result of being touched by the work of Arthur Rimbaud. I made the drunken boat drifting among the screens with the weaving ripples resembling water and smoke entwining and forming the connection of each scene.“Crane Habitat” was created to relate to the concept of “no heart in the heart of understanding”. In the center is a peaceful pond guarded by two cranes. When individuals view the work they are unsure whether the scene is taken from reality or if it is imagined. As for “Moon in the Clear Sky,” I depicted a moose walking out of the cave and lying on the grass. The moose turns back its head and looks into the distance where Gandhanra is playing music. Who is playing the music in this secluded valley? Who is listening to it? The murals in Dunhuang and Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio are reflected in the same scene. The image of Gandhanra and the flowing tapestry reflect the unique flowing effect of the wood block print, and show a deep imagination. 

“Screen” is a woodblock I accidentally crushed whilst creating my work. I exploited the trait of this material to recreate the composition, while feeling pitiful for my lost. I wish to devote myself to the recreation and expression of the traditional cultural symbols, including the elements of mountain, water, tree, stone, and so on. The use of screens manages the space of the composition, whilst each screen is occupying its own comfortable and free space independently. Screens have been associated with the literati and the idea living in seclusion since the Eastern Han Dynasty. “Cleanse heart and find rule”, the saying of Zong Bing (375-444 CE) relates to this concept. 

    Creating the atmosphere of ink washes in hard woodblocks is my unique way of expression. I keep away from this mortal life in order to be completely free and at ease while not losing any fun, pleasure, anger, sorrow or joy. All I want is to combine ancient time and modern time, and to connect the East and the West.

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Dimensions 60 × 80 × 3 cm