Hans Gabriel Jentzsch | Pilgrimage

Hans Gabriel Jentzsch – Pilgrimage

Oil on canvas
Signed and dated lower left ‘H. G. Jentzsch 1902
Size: 57x48cm
Conditions: Craquelure, slightly fading in colour

Hans Gabriel Jentzsch was a German painter, graphic artist, illustrator and caricaturist (1862 Dresden-Löbtau – 1930 Munich). Hans was born into a family of carpenters and initially learned porcelain painting. From 1881 to 1887 he studied at the Dresden Academy from 1881-87 with Alfred Hildenbrandt and Ferdinand Pauwels. In 1885 Hans was awarded a gold medal for his genre painting. In 1889 he moved to Munich and in 1903 to Pasing. From 1891, Jentzsch exhibited in Dresden, Berlin and in the Munich Glass Palace’s annual exhibitions where he achieved great success, and due to the high demand of his art, he was able to sell lithographs of his works too. He was also a member of the Munich Artists’ Cooperative and the Reich Association of Fine Artists of Germany.

Jentzsch’s genre painting ‘Pilgrimage’ is a portrayal of a religious procession through a rocky landscape. The composition leads the eye up through a green valley with trees and boulders to an elderly gentleman, and then onto people holding umbrellas and a red flag against a partially lit rock face with trees and a moving sky above. In the bottom right of the painting, there are words written and the translation is: “Pilgrims stand types to pull through the valley with bow tie, brightly greet you with the double chant, the vast God of the garden’.

£6,300 (exc. VAT)

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