J. L. Riddarsporre | Homhällan, Oskarshamn (Sweden)

J. L. Riddarsporre – Homhällan, Oskarshamn (Sweden)

Oil on Panel
Size: 50x70cm
Signed and Dated 1910
Conditions: Good, patina due to ageing

The history of J. L. Riddarsporre is shrouded in mystery, but it is documented he resided in Oskarshamn, Sweeden. The artist exhibits a trained and skilled hand, as well as an observant eye of the landscape.

The painting portrays a beautiful and calm view of a Swedish lake surrounded by rich vegetation under a partially luminous sky. The exposed rock face leads the eye to the middle-ground to a terracotta property that connects to a yellow bridge, and to the peaceful lake that recedes to distant mountains. Riddaraporre most likely painted the landscape partially from life, and possibly finished in his studio, due to the detailed portrayal of the scenery.

£1,900 (exc. VAT)

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