Jean Chiffony | The Storm

Jean Chiffony – The Storm

Oil on Canvas
Circa 1920
Size: 60x75cm
Conditions: Signed lower left, framed in profiled 60s bar

Jean Chiffony (1870 –1900) was a late 19th Century French artist known for his pastoral and landscape paintings as well as dramatic seascapes. He loved to depict the effects of light, particularly through stormy skies or the softer dappled light through trees in his landscapes. His works have sold at various auction houses all over the world.

Jean Chiffony ’The Storm’ portrays a turbulent seascape off the Nordic coast with fast-approaching storm clouds. The painting depicts a lonely boat, two figures walking along the idyllic beach, a picturesque village, sailing boats on the sea, and a threatening sky. Chiffony has masterfully captured the true essence of this tempestuous scene.

£2,300 (exc. VAT)

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