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For master goldsmith Ingo Henn, based in London’s Hatton Garden jewellery district, specially selected and beautifully coloured gemstones form the focal point of each design: “Most jewellery designers start with an idea and then search for a suitable stone. I work the other way around; I discover and decide upon the stone first and let it speak to me. The background story then unfolds around the shimmering gem as a source of inspiration.

Even as a child, Ingo was fascinated by the beauty of coloured gemstones. He grew up among the stone cutters, goldsmiths and other craftspeople who worked with his parents’ family business, in Idar-Oberstein, the heart of the German gem industry. “Each time I came across a beautiful precious stone I was enchanted by its enigmatic presence.” This early influence undoubtedly stems from being born to Hans-Jürgen Henn, one of the world’s leading gemstone dealers. His brother Axel also works in the family business.

Ingo discovered his calling at an early age and was encouraged to develop his natural talents, love of the beaux-arts and passion for jewellery. Following years of intensive study and training, he graduated with the sought-after title of Master Goldsmith and moved to London where Henn of London was set up.

Ingo's jewellery combines precision-cut gemstones with refined goldsmithing, together with special techniques such as enamelling and hand engraving. The resulting pieces, always unique and with a strong emphasis on detail, are bold, colourful and modern as well as elegant and timeless. They demonstrate an integrity which is reflected in each design, being both masterfully composed and finely crafted. According to Ingo: “For me this is an essential aspect of the design process, balancing all the components: gemstones, engraving and enamelling, so that the combination is seamlessly beautiful, both in its aesthetic and its functionality.”

The Henn of London label is renowned for its passionate dedication to discerning customers around the world. The company’s collection appeals to clients with exquisite taste who appreciate individual and hand-made jewellery. Henn of London’s artistic style is enduringly defined by its original pieces inspired by exceptional coloured gemstones – jewellery which exhibits depth and soul, skilfully created by expert hands in the very best traditions of fine craftsmanship.

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