JIANG TINGXI (1669-1732) I FLOWERS AND BIRDS I 蒋廷锡花鸟画 I 公鸡 I 清代

JIANG TINGXI (1669-1732) I FLOWERS AND BIRDS I 蒋廷锡花鸟画 I 公鸡 I 清代
Flowers and  Rooster
Artist: Jiang Tingxi (Chinese, 1669–1732)
Origin: China
Period: Qing dynasty (1644–1911)
Medium: Ink and color on silk,framed. 
Measurements: 37 1/2 inches.

Life Dates: 1669-1732

BiographyQing dynasty court painter, and an editor, with Chen Menglei, of the officially-sponsored encyclopedia Gujin tushu jicheng (Complete Collection of Ancient and Modern Writings and Charts), published in 1726. Native of Jiangsu province, renowned for bird and flower painting.

Jiang Tingxi was born in Changshu, Jiangsu. He was also known by the names Nansha, Qingtong Jushi, Qiujun, XiGu, Yangsun, and Youjun.

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